The world of cricket is changing but is it for the better?

Hello, and good afternoon sports fans, I pray you’re well and looking after yourselves. Sports fans, we have spoke about sports, but when we were kids. I want to keep the theme going from the last article. If you didn’t read it, worry not; it’s here: . Here we spoke about football and theContinue reading “The world of cricket is changing but is it for the better?”

When you wish change wasn’t always embraced

Good evening sports fans, I am liking this theme of discussion, so much so that we’re going to keep that line of conversation going. I am referring to the trip down memory lane, but in line with our website, it’s sports related. Ladies and gentleman, the golden goal. The golden goal was the best thing,Continue reading “When you wish change wasn’t always embraced”

When you were forced to go in goal

Good afternoon sports fans, I hope you’re well, ladies and gents and looking after yourselves too. After reminiscing about my school days and school cricket, I have decided I want to carry on walking down memory lane. This road is a one way street where forward is the only way you can really go. SoContinue reading “When you were forced to go in goal”

Back garden football, where everyone is Messi

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, it’s me your Sports Buff, the knowledge hub for all matters sport. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and if you’re in the UK, staying clear of storm Gladys! Gladys is a fitting name for a storm, they’re feisty in nature, so they cause a storm in their ownContinue reading “Back garden football, where everyone is Messi”

The football is back

Hello and good evening sports fans. Reading that title, you will be forgiven for thinking that we’re in the summer and the date is mid August. As plausible as that is to assume that, this is not actually the case. In Europe, football does annually have a two-week break (some more), but in England thisContinue reading “The football is back”

Power to the players?

World sport, and in particular football, has changed so much in the last decade, or maybe two decades. Once upon a time, in the world of football, the football manager was the source of all power and authority. Brian Clough and Sir Alex Ferguson are the two names I associate with power and authority areContinue reading “Power to the players?”

What Tottenham and Liverpool have in common

I know what you’re thinking. How on God’s green earth, are Tottenham and Liverpool alike? One side has 19 Premier League titles and six Champions League titles, and Tottenham have zero. As impressive as those achievements have been , Liverpool can say they have enjoyed relative success in the last five years, I can’t helpContinue reading “What Tottenham and Liverpool have in common”

Will they ever learn?

For the seven years I have been a football writer/sports writer, I have written about many topics, but no topic irritates me more than that of FC Barcelona. Barca, as we know football fans, are one of the best clubs in Spanish and European history. Twenty-six La Liga titles, Five UEFA Champions Leagues, gives youContinue reading “Will they ever learn?”