India T20 Captain contenders

He had one of the most difficult jobs in sport, the same way then Manchester United manager David Moyes did in replacing Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably the most successful British manager of all time. It was a similar job that then Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola was tasked with when he came out of hisContinue reading “India T20 Captain contenders”

Jesse Lingard rejects new deal (satire)

He’s seen as something a cult hero. When I say cult hero, think Martin Braithwaite and of course Nicholas Bendtner, or as he’s affectionately known ‘Lord Bendtner’. For those of you who watch the Inbetweeners, our Nicholas isn’t Jay in disguise! Jay would probably say he taught Ronaldo all he knows, (both Ronaldo’s that is).Continue reading “Jesse Lingard rejects new deal (satire)”