Advice to the England selectors

Dear Sir/madam, Hi, my name is Ayyaz Malik and I am a sports writer, and I vlog about sports too. I am a sports junkie and I make no excuse about that. I am a sports fan of 26 years and that includes being a massive cricket fan. I am a 90’s kid, so IContinue reading “Advice to the England selectors”

Sergio Aguero retires from football

Remember the day, 15/12/2021. Is it because it’s 10 days to Christmas? No, it’s a reason that’s more upsetting in the sporting sense. Sergio Kun Aguero formerly of Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and for a short period Barcelona, has had to announce his retirement owing to breathing difficulties, suffered in the 1-1 draw with Alaves.Continue reading “Sergio Aguero retires from football”

Welcome to the Arsenal show; Aubame who?

Hello and good evening sports fans, as I am sure you know, it’s been confirmed that Arsenal have stripped Pierre Emerick Aubameyang of the Arsenal Captain. The Gabonese forward whose into his second year of a lucrative three-year deal, has seen his form decline rapidly since penning that new deal not too long after theirContinue reading “Welcome to the Arsenal show; Aubame who?”

Our look on the UCL Draw

A software glitch from an external company, lead to what will be one of the most talked about football moments for some time, and this wasn’t even in regards to a matter on the pitch. This glitch is relating to the UCL draw needing to be redone, much to the bemusement of all. Real Madrid,Continue reading “Our look on the UCL Draw”

Brendan doesn’t know about Europa Conference League, so let’s tell him

Brendan Rodgers caused quite a bit of a stir this week when he said ‘he didn’t know what the (Europa Conference League) competition is in all fairness”. Quite a statement by the Leicester City boss, whose Leicester side, are staring at a Europa Conference League play-off tie. Yes, there are sides like NS Mura, aContinue reading “Brendan doesn’t know about Europa Conference League, so let’s tell him”

Why the SPFL should be taken seriously

It’s the old man’s League, it’s for footballing pensioners or it’s the wait for, the critics favourite phrase …. The Farmers League. But it’ s about time the SPFL gets taken seriously and here’s why. Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic This maybe an obvious observation, but Rangers are fairing a lot better in Europe andContinue reading “Why the SPFL should be taken seriously”

Remember the name, Zidane Iqbal

When you hear the name of Zidane Iqbal, you will naturally make the connection of a certain Zinedine Zidane, but Manchester United’s equivalent ‘Zizou’ comes in the form of their academy graduate who is a British-Pakistani with an Iraqi mum. At just 18, Iqbal has caught the attention of football observers with his performances forContinue reading “Remember the name, Zidane Iqbal”