The Hundred starts tomorrow, why I am not excited in the slightest

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, I pray you’re well looking after yourselves and are in good health. Let’s have a chat, about cricket and to be precise The Hundred, the new glitzy glamour domestic tournament in the cricket calendar.

So with the fact that the 2nd edition of domestic cricket’s newest limited overs tournament, starting tomorrow should be something to look forward to during evening TV right?

To clarify, if there was only The Hundred and for example if there was Eastenders that I could watch, and I don’t like either, I would still watch Eastenders, ‘get out of my screen The Hundred’, to adapt a phrase from one Peggy Mitchell.

It’s ruining the intellectual game. Why? It’s pop concerts and also the fact that they bowl sets! This is not tennis, no one is trying to be Novak Djokovic here. The new fans who need to be ‘sold the concept of cricket’, in a new way are not fans at all, I argue.

These apparent new fans, are just paying customers for a pop concert where ‘cricket’ is played in the back ground if you will. The best way to introduce cricket to new fans is to promote cricket, but sadly The Hundred is a smoke screen.

Yes, I am from the test cricket is the best form of cricket generation, and there’s surely no question of that. If there was no test cricket, The Hundred would have been an ECB pipe dream.

T20 has been a positive change for the game, why? Simply because cricket was at the forefront and the rules on the whole were the same, except for the cheerleaders.

Plain and simple, cricket was adapted once (for T20) and was done with a lot of success the T20 is commercially very attractive globally. I doubt the same with The Hundred can be achieved, as I am sure another country would have sampled it by now, correct me if I am wrong?

If any change is for the better of cricket, great, but if it’s at the cost of the test game .. not so great!

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