The not goings on at Manchester United

Good morning sports fans, it’s Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff here. Let’s have a chat, about Manchester United. Man United, the 20-time Premier League champions and the three-time Champions League winners, were in 2008/09 the best team in the world (after winning the Club World Cup). Fast forward some 13 years, now coming onContinue reading “The not goings on at Manchester United”

A defence of Harry Maguire

Jacob Harry Maguire, or as most people know him , Harry Maguire is quite the divisive figure amongst Manchester United fans, and football fans a like. Football fans, I will give you my opinion on the 29-year old former in this piece, but I do want to argue a case for a defence for theContinue reading “A defence of Harry Maguire”

One of the very few times, they’re wrong

Good afternoon sports fans, let’s go down memory lane. Football fans in particular think Manchester United in the 90’s and 2000’s. Here is an example of a colossus on and off the pitch. Off the pitch The Red Devils were one of the richest in world sport and most certainly football too, and even aContinue reading “One of the very few times, they’re wrong”

We have been here before

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, it’s Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff here . Sports fans and to be more exact here, cricket fans – we need to talk, about England’s men’s team. As you would be aware The Three Lions are currently in a test series against reigning world champions of this format NewContinue reading “We have been here before”

Three is the magic number?

As the song goes, three is the magic number, but for England and their men’s cricket team, is it? Here I argue not, but there’s more to the discussion than that. Since Jonathan Trott retired from England duty, The Three Lions and the top – order has changed more than the Great British weather. JonnyContinue reading “Three is the magic number?”

Why this Liverpool team, could be one of the best ever

Hello, good evening Sports fans, I hope you’re well, in good health, enjoying the rain bath (if you’re in the UK) and are in good health. Fans of football, let’s have a chat, on a conversation about Liverpool FC. Liverpool, who are of course 19-time League winners, at time of writing have a fighting chanceContinue reading “Why this Liverpool team, could be one of the best ever”

Antonio Conte; The Under appreciated One

Hello and good morning football fans, it’s The Sports Buff here, we need to talk about a football manager, one Antonio Conte. Italian Conte, is one manager who can divide opinion. Many see him as one of the best in the world football, but there is a contingent who see him as divisive as JoseContinue reading “Antonio Conte; The Under appreciated One”

One hand on the title?

Hello, good evening sports fans, it’s me your Sports Buff, I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Let’s talk, about football. Unlike yesterday, today was a busy day of fixtures both in Scotland and down South (for Scottish fans) for matters in England’s Premier League. I will start with theContinue reading “One hand on the title?”

County cricket is finished they said

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, it’s me your sports buff. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. For the English cricket lovers amongst you, you will be aware of the English Cricket Board (ECB) ramming down the newly formed, The Hundred tournament down our throats. It will make cricket ‘appealingContinue reading “County cricket is finished they said”

Someone tell Lewis the season has started

In what was one of the best championship battles in F1’s recent history, it can be argued that Lewis Hamilton is still facing a hangover from last year’s season ending race the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Safety car laws were interpreted and misinterpreted, which lead to race director Michael Massi, been taken off those dutiesContinue reading “Someone tell Lewis the season has started”