Cricket’s sacrificial lamb

Hello and good afternoon sports fans, I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Sports fans, we need to talk about sports of course, but in particular cricket, 50 over cricket.

The more versed cricket fans can correct me here, but growing up for me, cricket was test cricket, 60 over cricket (Gillette Trophy/Natwest Trophy) would then turn into 50 over cricket.

Having done some research on this topic, there was 65 over cricket, then 60 overs. The 50 over format as it’s known now is arguably in jeopardy, why? Well, to continue on from our The Hundred post; , it looks like one of the more traditional formats is under real threat to survive.

A topic which was discussed on Sky Sports, did come up with some good solutions, but that didn’t involve solving the most obvious problem, getting rid of The Hundred.

Three of England’s test team will be skipping this event with several others picking and choosing the games that they will be playing in. England who are World Champions in the 50 over format, are in real danger of ruining a legacy created since the 2015 World Cup debacle.

Cricket players are not robots and the congestion of more fixtures into a congested fixture list. The only way The Hundred can survive is if the under-19’s are given a chance in this tournament.

England’s Under-19 World Cup side that were beaten in the final to India, shows that the next generation of talent is there for The Three Lions, this is the only way I will embrace this new format.

But, this won’t happen will it? The Sponsors and TV companies don’t want that on their screens, they want Rashid Khan, Liam Livingstone and the more established players to be involved.

The Royal London One Day Cup, which seems to have been pushed to the back burner of ECB’s priorities served up some fantastic matches. Kent vs Worcester as well as Yorkshire vs Northants have been fitting examples of Royal London ODI Cup, being a superb product for the cricket public.

The approach clearly from the ECB has been out with the old and in with the new, Tom Harrison and CO, you can try to change the intellectual game as much as you like, but we the fans just won’t let you.

How to solve the 50 over problem? Get rid of The Hundred, make the other formats child friendly, creche or other theme park rides kind of thing on the practice pitches.

I haven’t got it clearly thought out, but sport as it’s traditions and that’s one of the best things about all sports. You lose the traditions, you lose a bit of the true beauty of the sport, does anyone want that? Surely not!

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