The night that ended Conte’s reign?

Rightly he’s seen as one of the best coaches in the modern game, but yesterday’s implosion against champions Manchester City in my opinion is the beginning of the end for Italian Antonio Conte.

Manchester hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for Spurs this season, they did of course lose to Manchester United 3-2 at Old Trafford.

The former Juventus and Inter Milan boss having said that, is a serial winner, no doubt about it. In his spells with The Old Lady and the Neazzuri, both have seen him win a league title, let’s not forget the one that he won with Chelsea as well.

Behind the scenes there were fireworks, but on the pitch he got results. So when Tottenham ended their haphazard approach to finding a manager to replace Jose Mourinho by hiring Antonio Cone, there was a buzz around the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

That buzz, to a point, has fizzled. What has dampened the mood to a point, is the bad run that Spurs are on, coupled with the North London derby loss to Arsenal at home.

In recent seasons in this fixture, Tottenham haven’t been losing to Arsenal at home, end of. There are several reasons for Spurs’ recent struggles, and a reasonable part of that is due to the defence, but mainly goalkeeper. That’s not rocket science with the amount of goals they’re shipping , but Hugo Lloris, despite being a World Cup winner, I have never been 100% convinced of him.

He just seems like he has at least one mistake in him a game. Sometimes they costly, sometimes he gets away with them. Yesterday’s game at the Etihad didn’t do too much to dispel that theory. Milan Škriniar not being signed or Pau Torres either will be points of frustration, for the combustible Italian.

The 53-year-old Conte is seen as high maintenance by many football observers, but it should also be stated that when he spends on the team, those teams produce results. Again, examples of this are Juve, Inter and Chelsea.

Inter Milan saw when Conte doesn’t get what happens and there are signs that Antonio Conte isn’t happy. The six weeks or so that he and other managers had off due to the winter World Cup, one would have thought it would have recharged him, but it’s made him worse.

The bizarre comments in the press conference about Antonio saying that the director of football should do press conferences to explain some of his decisions. This just seemed like washing dirty laundry in public in my opinion. It wasn’t a good look.

He has a point, to an extent, but it was the way he said it, and no his English is very polished, I am referring to the tone of the press conference.

The Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will need to give Antonio the new toys he wants, because if he doesn’t, then Antonio will go into a new toy shop and get them there if you know what I mean.

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