One down one to go

Here at, we have really enjoyed the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Critics want to point out several flaws with Qatar hosting the tournament.

No country is perfect. On the pitch though, there has been plenty of drama. Late goals, twists/turns and now penalty shootout drama to add, this World Cup feels like it’s had it all. We’ve not even played the quarter-final yet!

It’s the same in every tournament, this tournament is no different though… I hate the spare days between the round of 16 and the quarter-finals. Before fatherhood, I was subjected to strictly and all the other reality TV shows, that I didn’t watch (honest).

I am not a fan of international football on the whole, but the Nations League has been a welcome addition and other international tournaments are worth watching too, such as Copa America, AFCON and the Euro’s.

When we go back to the norms of club football, there will be a void no doubt that the biggest tournament in world football is no more. Football is changing, for better or for worse? Well, that’s subjective.

For many fans, a winter World Cup had been something as not normal, a tournament that was disrupting the Premier League and the other elite leagues. With the return of club football coinciding with the January transfer window, some of the stars of this World Cup just might be at your club.

Qatar hosting the World Cup has been some 10 years in the making. Much has been made of how they won the hosting rights for the tournament.

One thing which every football fan can say is, this tournament has produced arguably more than other recent international tournaments. Qatar 2022, you have been worth the wait!

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