Fury vs Joshua confirmed

The boxing community can breathe a sigh of relief today. Former world Champion Anthony Joshua has confirmed he’s agreed to fight long-standing rival fellow Brit Tyson Fury in December.

WBC champion Fury, who said he has retired from the sport, gave the former two-time world champion a lifeline when he said he said last month in a video, he would come out of retirement to fight Joshua.

Having agreed to the terms that AJ set out (the fight to be in December), both parties have agreed to a date of 3rd December for the fight to take place, but as of yet, there has been no confirmation on the venue.

Wembley, Cardiff’s Principality Stadium and Saudi Arabia are the venues that could host the fight. If the fight was to be contested in Saudi, then this will of course open up the conversation of morality in sport, due to the kingdom’s alleged human rights record.

Sometimes sports can be a good humanitarian, but sometimes (like in this situation) sports can’t be a politician and an entertainment package too. Golf, pre-season football tournaments and F1 Grand Prix were held in the country with opposition, but that’s just it, they all went ahead.

Sports fans, we want to keep the focus on the goings on in the ring, we are not the UN or a politician for that matter. For Watford-born Anthony Joshua, many ourselves included thought, this would be it, (his career over and he will retire from the sport).

This unexpected lifeline from Manchester-born Fury, will now truly be the last chance saloon if he loses. Joshua isn’t guaranteed to win far from it, the 32-year-old has lost three of his last five fights, which include two losses to Usyk.

Boxing arguably is a sport based on being in the right frame of mind. Andy Ruiz was in the right frame of mind when he became the undisputed champion of the world a few years prior.

Joshua in the rematch, of course, approached the rematch with a fresh mindset and reclaimed his titles. The fight between The Gypsy King and AJ is arguably only happening as current undisputed champion Oleksander Usyk, only wants to get back in the ring in 2023.

A maverick, Mr Big Mouth, you can say whatever you want about Tyson Fury, but the fact of the matter is, he’s unbeaten in his career. Fury beat Wladimir Klitschko when the Ukrainian had undisputed dominance of the division.

Don’t be fooled by the singing or the batman costumes in press conferences. Under the surface, Tyson Fury is an imposing figure who not only knows his way around the ring but he’s also shown he doesn’t know when he’s beaten.

We hope that this battle of Britain battle, is evenly matched, but we can’t see past Tyson Fury. He’s fought and defeated Wilder, twice! This is an impressive feat. It’s for this reason why we’re going for a Tyson Fury win.

For the sake of a fair fight, let’s hope AJ pushes him hard. This is our opinion, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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