Sir Jim is ready to answer the call?

It was controversial in 2005 and remains controversial to this day. Manchester United owners the Glazer family, who have owned the club for the last 18 years, have reportedly said they are considering selling a minority stake in the club.

United who have presided over their worst start in the Premier League and have lost their first two games, for the first time in 100 years, are really in a precarious position.

Lack of arrivals and poor performances by the players who are there (and being paid handsomely), is seeming to be the centre of the supporters’ reason for their anger.

The Red Devils have spent big on players like Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku for example, but both massively underperformed and were on monster wage packets.

I have the usual set-up when writing articles, but if I was to write all of the reasons why the fans hate Tampa Bay owners, the Glazer family, I will run out of word count.

So let’s try to simplify the reasons why Joel Glazer and CO are so hated. Lack of their own money invested into the club, the stadium and training facilities being in very condition, I can go on. Other reasons can be stated to lack of signings and how long they drag out transfers, two words Frenkie De Jong.

With reported news, that the Glazers are reported to wanting to sell a minority stake, has led many fans to get excited. Some tweets were calling on Elon Musk to save United. That tweet was in response to the Tesla owner ‘jokingly’ saying he wanted to buy the club.

One man who said he isn’t joking (according to his spokesperson), about buying 13-time Premier League champions Manchester United is the Nice owner and British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who is the majority shareholder of chemicals company Ineos.

The Lancastrian, who is a confessed Manchester United fan, did put his hat into the ring to buy Chelsea, which according to the man himself, was something he did as he believed United wasn’t for sale.

If Sir Jim can get the deal completed, which will cost the 69-year-old in the region of £4 billion, then this will put an end to a very turbulent relationship between the club’s fans and their American owners.

This whole story has a real air of Newcastle United’s ownership issues, that they had, which is now seen as coming to a happy conclusion. Here’s to hope United fans. Sir Jim, please make every United fan’s dream come true!

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