Wolves are ‘doing an Arsenal’

Hello, and good afternoon sports fans, it’s me Ayyaz Malik, The Sports Buff. I pray you’re well, looking after yourselves are in good health. Sports fans, let’s talk about football.

In particular I want to talk about , English Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers, or as they’re simply known as Wolves. A football club engulfed in history, from outside looking in, one might be forgiven they play in the Primera Liga.

Why? Well, to put it simply a lot of their starting line up hails from that part of the world. Orlando Sa, Ruben Neves, Juao Moutinho and Goncalo Guedes are just some the players of Portuguese nationality to rock up to the West Midlands.

Is it the weather, the local people in the area? Maybe it’s all of those, but reportedly it’s due to the influence of super agent Jorge Mendes. Mendes who is the agent of Portuguese legend and current captain Ronaldo, maybe would have been able entice CR7 to Molineux, if only there were in the Champions League!

Not since Arsenal and to a point Newcastle have I seen a club have a lot of non-English players of the same nationality. It’s not a bad thing (if it’s in the rules), but I am in awe to a point of how can a club the size of Wolves attract such stellar Portuguese talent.

My Pakistani relatives only know one city in England, London. I wonder if the Portuguese know just two cities in England, London and Wolverhampton. Well, look at it this way, it appears my team Manchester United sign all their players from La La Land.

With Brexit due to come into full force, I point out on an obvious football fact involving Wolves, but I am commenting, as I don’t think due to the UK Government, we will see anything like what Wolves have going on, anytime soon.

Well, that’s my two cents, but do you agree?

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