One target, they somehow seem to miss

Hello, and good morning sports fans, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and your’re in good health. Let’s talk about sports, to be precise football and football shirts.

In 1928, was the first time that the football shirts were numbered and over time (1974), football kits had a sponsor. This was first pioneered by the mighty Coventry City, who were of Premier League fame of course, but currently reside in The Championship.

If it appears in a football general knowledge quiz, then you can confidently answer that Coventry City were the first side in 1974 to have a shirt sponsor and that was Talbot.

Whatever the kit, the layout of the kit is usually the same. So it’s a bit of a mystery of how Max Cornet, the now West Ham forward seeming to get confused which side of the shirt is the club crest and which side is for the sports sponsor.

A moment that any footballer would want to forget, isn’t one which the former Lyon man will be able to, we have (so does the whole world too) him on camera!

Thankfully Hammers fans, the 25-year old seems to be good enough in front of goal, the true hitting of the target that David Moyes will care about. Strangely, Cornet isn’t the only one.

Step forward Timo Werner. The former Stuttgart and RB Leipzig man, when signing for Chelsea, got lost on where the Chelsea club crest is. This fact, unfortunately will and had at the time, lead to cruel taunts of how he can’t find the target even when pointing to his club’s crest.

Harsh, I know, but the world of the football internet is a merciless place at the best of times. Having taken the mickey out of two Premier League stars, then legitimately spare a thought for the third player I want to mention, Muhammed Gumuskaya .

The 20-year old Turk, who plays for Turkish Fenerbahce, has fallen victim to, like I am sure players from Borussia Dortmund or Manchester City have done too, is being deceived somewhat by the new design of the Puma sponsored kits.

Football shirts is big business, and manufacturers with that in mind are always trying to out do each other. Puma. in their new design have changed the lay out.

Sports sponsor at the top, club name then sport on the chest (like normal), but in what was hilarious viewing at time Gumuskaya, was celebrating a goal by staring in puzzlement at his shirt.

Scoring a goal in football is a beautiful moment, but this moment in a Fener game, will be remembered for a different reason.

Pay attention Messrs Cornet and Werner, you guys being with clubs who are sponsored by Umbro and Nike respectively means the club crest is on your left and the sports sponsor on your right. *Nervously, checks his own kit as he types that*.

If you move to a club who is sponsored by Puma, you will get your bearings wrong all over again. Here’s to hoping both of you have wonderful careers with your respective clubs!

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