So Ronaldo wants to leave

It has an air of Wayne Rooney about it. In what has been hardly surprising news in comparison, Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his desire to leave the club for a second time.

The first time, in the mid 2000’s when having reached the top of the European mountain, CR7, felt he wanted pastures new and the challenge of playing for Los Blancos Real Madrid and become a Real legend like Raul, Di Stefano and many before them.

As we all know football fans, Ronaldo (Cristiano) came to the Santiago Bernabeu as a boy and left as a legend and an icon by becoming a club legend and even breaking some Serie A goal scoring records with Juventus too. With all the impressive achievements achieved, firmly establishing as a world footballing icon in the process, there was only one thing to do right?

It was time to go home to Old Trafford in an emotional return and walk down nostalgic lane and eventually into the sun set and be congratulated on a wonderful retirement and ensure your name is firmly written into the history books.

If only, CR7’s Man United reunion was to be like that. It started well enough, scoring twice against Newcastle in his first game back at Old Trafford and he scored on his second Champions League debut too, but there were many lows.

The 5-0 home defeat to Liverpool would have been hard to take for the Portugal captain. When Ronaldo was at United the first time, a 5-0 drubbing was something unheard of, it lead to a day of mourning almost, the day after the game.

This time round, Cristiano was witnessing a different Man United. Gone were the winners on and off the pitch that were Rooney, Giggs, Scholes and Ferdinand for example. The only player/s with any kind of passion were David De Gea and Bruno Fernandes.

With that in mind, it’s now little surprise that Ronaldo has stated he wants to leave the club. Just like Wayne Rooney did all those years ago, United’s record goal-scorer said at the time he wanted to leave The Red Devils as he felt the club weren’t ambitious enough.

That historical tale saw the former Everton forward indeed stay at Old Trafford and break the club goal scoring record along the way and achieve team success with the club too. For Ronaldo, will his story end up like Rooney’s?

It’s not been an inspiring showing in the transfer market at present, so maybe United aren’t concerned about Cristiano leaving? The message has been clear get players to show you can compete if not, I am leaving, this has been the message from the Portuguese maestro for several weeks now.

Will United heed this warning? Only time will tell, does the highest goal-scorer at club level have a point, yes he does. It’s over to you Manchester United, what’s your next move?

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