The not goings on at Manchester United

Good morning sports fans, it’s Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff here. Let’s have a chat, about Manchester United. Man United, the 20-time Premier League champions and the three-time Champions League winners, were in 2008/09 the best team in the world (after winning the Club World Cup).

Fast forward some 13 years, now coming on 14 and the current United team is a shadow of the legendary one. Good things don’t last for ever, and no one knew that better that Man United manager at the time, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Fergie, yes was aided by an inflated by an inflated war-chest in many a transfer window. This current United team, has that same advantage of being able to spend the cash, but unlike before teams like Manchester City, Chelsea and to an extent Liverpool have the cash too.

The 19-time Premier League champions Liverpool do have cash, but their operation is more shrewdly run compared to the other two teams I mentioned. Last season’s disappointing sixth-place finish was only secured after rivals West Ham were defeated by Brighton.

A rebuild is needed. Pogba, gone. Lingard, gone. Matic, gone. Mata, also gone. What was a part of the pitch (midfield) where United are short in numbers, they are even shorter now. A massive rebuild is needed, I have suggested some players and areas of the pitch that United need to look at in this article;

The time taken to get this rebuild moving and off the ground is a long time in the making it seems. City have signed Haaland having done the ground work long in advance, the same could be said with Liverpool and their signing of Nunez.

Since Sancho, and that process was far from smooth, I am not sure since the glory years for Manchester United of when United have seen player, desired player and signed him. The example of Frenkie De Jong is an example of how not to do a transfer.

Director of football John Murtagh, who did a respectable job in the summer has been sat on his heels this time round it seems, but the club’s new CEO tells a different story. I am a United fan, yes and it’s difficult to watch rival clubs stealing a march on us with their transfer business getting concluded so early.

That’s one argument, but at the same time United shouldn’t be held to ransom for a transfer fee. But to be blunt, bar big wages what’s the draw to go to Manchester United at the moment?

The Red Devils aren’t in the top club competition the Champions League and nor are they able to mount a title challenge like Liverpool and Chelsea are expected too. To be a gloomy Gary (yes I made that up), United are very far behind, the rest of England’s elite.

If they get a good transfer window this time, they will need a good one next time, and the time after that and so on. But John Murtagh if with a small miracle you read this, just please bring some bodies through the door, and not Daniel Bachman, thank you!

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