The world of cricket is changing but is it for the better?

Hello, and good afternoon sports fans, I pray you’re well and looking after yourselves. Sports fans, we have spoke about sports, but when we were kids. I want to keep the theme going from the last article.

If you didn’t read it, worry not; it’s here: . Here we spoke about football and the changes that have been made in the sport, to the detriment of fan entertainment and excitement.

There have been changes in cricket, many changes, but to the betterment of the sport? If you play, play ground cricket then welcome to the concept of six and out. Six and out is, you hit a six (how you hit a six, over the boundary rope or flat on the makeshift boundary rope with out a bounce).

In actual cricket, this can’t happen, but in school cricket if you hit the six and then catch it after it’s bounced on the wall, you catch it one handed, then it’s out, in real life cricket such a rule doesn’t exist.

Rules such as no-balls, a rule which the umpire had to check the bowler didn’t fall foul of, has now been passed over to the third umpire, this is a good change. Other positive changes I think are DRS and snickometer.

Here is a positive influence that changes have had in sport. The free-hit from the no-ball is another positive change, it adds to fan excitement and if the bowler gets a dot ball the next ball, that’s brilliant from the bowler and if the batsmen hits a six, then it’s superb from the batsmen. In both cases the cricket fan is the winner.

Some not so good changes, the runner. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think any form of cricket has runner. For those of you who are too young, a runner would not be allowed to bat, but he would run for a batsmen who was injured and couldn’t run.

This scenario, would leave to some comical run outs, tough look if the injured batsmen is well set and loses his wicket in unfortunate circumstances. Concussion substitutes is another positive change. So if a player gets a head injury, a player could be replaced by a substitute.

Sports fans, there you have it, just some of the examples of cricket embracing change, with the majority of it for the better. Do you agree with my points?Let me know in the comments.

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