The Chelsea model discussed

When now Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich bought the club off former owner Ken Bates, there was a lot of excitement when the new was revealed on that June night in 2003. State of the art training complexes and the promise of Chelsea being a commercial brand were promised.

Where fair is fair, billionaire owner Abramovich has fulfilled those promises, but I am sorry i still have a bone to pick. Since his purchase of the West London club, yes they have won five Premier League titles, a couple of Champions League and Europa League titles, but I am still not happy though.

Just bitter because my club doesn’t have a billionaire owner I will hear you say, actually they do (the Glazers). My gripe is this, Chelsea are a club who wants to be commercially successful and in part what’s needed to do that is by making money.

If you can’t make money at least don’t lose it! The Blues however seemed to have developed somewhat of knack for it and it’s alarming. First there was David Luiz when bought back from PSG and now there is of course the high profiled return of Romelu Lukaku.

Belgian Lukaku will no doubt be looking to finish off some unfinished business in England, especially after he was vilified by certain Manchester United fans, when he was there. I was not one of those fans, I thought he was a good player, but his time at Old Trafford had ended naturally as the 28-year old wanted to seek pastures new in Italy.

Former Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku left Stamford Bridge for a £30 million transfer fee. I find it quite staggering, that the club are paying £70 million more than what they sold him for.

This is Roman in a nutshell, he wants players who are developed stars. For the business side of the practices at Chelsea, they will say players like Marc Guehi was sold to name one player, but patience could be a good thing too.

Joules Kounde, is another player who is set to sign for the Premier League side, but having Guehi on the books, Malang Sa and even Timori too, is this signing necessary? Don’t get me wrong, but spending big on a player who is the same age as Timori and a little younger than Marc Guehi doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

Then again, I am a football blogger with an opinion, I am not an executive who reads spreadsheet’s and looks at profit and loss figures as I am not an analyst, but if I am proved right, then keep this article safe.

Here would have been a place where you would have heard it here first.

Chelsea owner Roman Abrahmovich since buying the club has seen a lot of success, but the methods are a bit left to be desired

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