Sam Allardyce football’s Undertaker

You won’t hear these two names mentioned in the same conversation, but here we are. Sam Allardyce a manager of many clubs, including the England national team and The Undertaker, the WWE icon that is.

So why are they being compared and even mentioned in the same conversation as they’re two different people. Well believe it or not, I am adamant there is a link of sorts. Allardyce who managed all across the football pyramid, never had experienced a relegation.

A proud record, a very proud record indeed. The Undertaker too had a very proud record. The Deadman as he was also known by, too had a very distinct record, that record was having a winning streak at wrestlings grand event Wrestlemania.

Sam Allardyce did the distinct record of not being relegated as manager until last season.

Until that fateful night when Brock Lesnar pinned The Phenom , Undertaker had no blemishes on his record and until that painful relegation for Sam Allardyce, he too was relegation free. So there you have it, too of the most opposite men, have a similarity.

Just like Undertaker rises from the dead, Big Sam will be hoping to be able to do the same. Who would have thought too polar opposites being the same, but I guess that’s just the beauty of sport.


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