It can be a lonely place sometimes

This time 12 months ago, he had the world at his feet. He was ranked as the best T20 player in the world, and quite frankly the world was at his oyster. Everything he touched turned to gold, but then.

The came 2023 and he seems to be a shadow of the player that graced 2022. I am of course referring to Indian batsman Suryakumar Yadav, or as he’s affectionately known Sky.

What comes up must come down the say, but even still as the most passionate cricket fan, this slump of Suryakumar’s caught me by surprise. Form is temporary and class permanent and all that, yes of course, but slumps in form have happened to super start batsmen before him.

Think of Virat Kohli, the now former India and RCB skipper after three long years has gotten back into something that could be called good form. The criticism, the barrage of criticism was simply quite appalling that he suffered, I sincerely hope, if this run of form continues for Sky, that fickle fans, don’t make fickle comments.

India have a stellar batting line-up, they always do it seems, but last year in what was a difficult year for team India and their new skipper Rohit Sharma, one thing was for certain Suryakumar Yadav would be the man who would always perform and many of those times, would be in crucial situations.

I may be on my own in this, but the decision to put Yadav into the test side, to me was brain-dead. Very harsh and drastic words of course, yes, but merely I want to emphasise the ultimate betrayal of his talents which was to put Suryakumar Yadav in the test side.

Maybe, just maybe this is a contributing factor as to why for his high standards he has started 2023 slowly. The harsh truth for all Indian batsmen is that the talent pool is very big.

Maybe with some countries, they can allow for a player to have a period of poor form, but not so much with India.

Just think of it this way Sanju Samson, one of the best white-ball players I have seen and Sarfraz Khan, one of the best red-ball players I have seen, both somehow can’t seem to make the Indian side.

To clarify, I am not saying that the BCCI should drop Sky, I am just merely pointing out that Suryakumar is human! Cricket fans, some of you I know they will, please don’t be so fickle and judge the man based on for his standards, a slow start to 2023.

As they say in the world of cricket. Form is temporary and class is permanent. In the case of Mumbai Indian batsmen Suraykumar Yadav, this most certainly applies.

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