Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury; judges spare Fury blushes

For the 36 years of life that God the all mighty has blessed me with life (Alhamdulillah), I have never thought that boxing would get to this. Tommy Fury who has appeared on Love Island, a reality TV star in turn, would face off against Jake Paul.

The same Jake Paul who has appeared on the Disney channel and of course has become a very popular YouTuber. Paul put all that to the side and looked to carve out a career in boxing.

Jake did win against Anderson Silva last time out, the MMA legend, but that’s it Silva is an MMA fighter, not a boxer. There is a difference, Connor McGregor showed it when he fought Floyd Mayweather. There was plenty of gusto, I will give him that, but The Money Man was always going to win.

That’s what yesterday’s fight in Saudi Arabia reminded me of too. Jake Paul, to his credit, fought valiantly, in fact, one of the judges would score the fight in his favour and I can sympathise with that judge.

In recent times judge’s scoring has been very controversial. The draws in the fights between Saul Canelo and GGG as well as the heavy-weight tussle between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were both draws when Wilder and GGG should have won the respective bouts.

Youtuber Paul gave Fury a real scare. Tommy Fury although did the better work, the combinations, which included some very wild swings, it was Jake Paul who’s punches hit more flush. The younger Fury was floored and nearly floored several times.

This fight although not the greatest as an advertisement for the sport, did show that YouTuber Jake Paul did himself proud against Tommy Fury. They did clearly love each other with all the hugging they were doing. As I was watching it, the overriding emotion was to get a room!

Fury, the younger brother of Tyson Fury was pushed all the way by a guy who makes videos on YouTube. Paul has said he wants a rematch after he did put a rematch clause into the fight.

I am not one to advocate betting, but o how Canadian rapper will be wishing he didn’t put $400,000 on Jake Paul to win against Fury. Stick to the day job Aubrey!

What Jake Paul also bizarrely put into the fight contract was a double or nothing. If Tommy Fury wins, he gets the purse of both men and Jake Paul gets zero and vice versa if Jake Paul won.

It would be Tommy Fury who would get double and Jake Paul would get nothing. Although the younger of the Paul brothers got nothing monetary-wise, he would have got respect from the boxing world.

Jake Paul, you deserve to be at the boxer’s table, but you will need to learn the way of a boxer to truly belong there.

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