Europe welcomes back football

Hello, good evening sports fans, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Sports fan, let’s talk football.

Fans of the beautiful game, here in England, the UK, we have been blessed with the return of football. All this Love Island tosh, can be put to the later end of programme scheduling.

Our friends in Europe, they can too rejoice as they won’t have to watch the same repeat shows that TV channels serve up. La Liga and Bundesliga return, and thank God for it.

Serie A too is back for a new season, and that was where one of the best title races (outside of the Premier League) was served up. Not as financially strong as England, but what Italy does offer is a more competitive league.

Juventus won the title some seven years in a row, but when that dominance ended, for the neutral who isn’t an Italian, Serie A was fast becoming their second favourite league.

With the signings that Inter have made after being pipped to the Scudetto by their arch-rivals AC Milan, then they would be the favourites, but we (football fans) said that last year.

Bundesliga, is a good league, but Bayern who are the German equivalent of Celtic, will be challenged this year. I know everyone says that every year, but Dortmund did spend well, and hopefully Haller can return to spear head a BVB title push.

The Bavarian’s arguably will be even better as well .. Sadio Mane, that’s enough said. Bayern Munich in games in Europe might miss a traditional number nine, I am thinking Manchester City.

On my vlog’s and sports broadcasts if you like, I do a show called Eurozone, which will be available across many platforms (YouTube and Daily Motion amongst others). On this show I review all of the major European Leagues.

The last league I want to talk about is La Liga, Spain’s Premier League. Like many, many season’s gone by it will be a two-horse race like many seasons gone by.

Atletico, won’t like me saying that one bit and will want to lay down their marker, like they did superbly two seasons ago. Real Madrid and Barcelona will be the two teams to contest the La Liga trophy.

Barca, who have broke and bent rules it feels like to go on a well documented shopping spree, in my humble opinion will still come second to Los Blancos. Real, who had been very cavalier in the market themselves in year gone by, have been transformed.

Over priced signings such as Countinho and Griezman is something the 14-time Champions League winners would do, but they invest for the future, Aurelien Tchouameni a prime example.

The former Monaco man, looks quite easily the air to the Modric throne. The Catalansof course can call upon their famed La Masia academy, but why do that when you can use a fifth economic lever? I mean it’s only money.

Being very sarcastic, yes, but Barca are destined for financial melt down. In a very funny turn of events, Barcelona won’t be able to register any of their signings unless, Frenkie De Jong for example takes a pay cut.

That might be a hard sell as De Jong is owed a reported £17 million. La Liga (for obvious reasons) and the other leagues across the continent will bring some excitement back for sure!

All that’s left now for the football season is for the return of midweek European football. Bring on Champions League nights!

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