Unpopular opinion; Ronaldo is not the legend he thinks he is?

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, I pray you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Sports fans, let’s talk about football and in particular Ronaldo.

No, not the original Ronaldo, the legend of Barcelona and Real Madrid. I am talking about the Ronaldo (CR7) of the modern era, the player who became Los Blancos’ record goal scorer and International goal scoring record holder.

Eagled eyed people will ask did Christine Sinclair ( scorer of 190 goals in women’s football) play tennis? Sports fans, I am indeed talking about the men’s game. So, yes I am aware of the goal scoring exploits of the Canada forward.

With these records and the fact that Cristiano would be the fastest player to 100 goals for Juventus too, questioning a player who many see as the GOAT, seems absurd surely!

Well, this is where the unpopular opinion comes in. Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Manchester United has divided opinion. It’s divided opinion in the sense of, United although have benefited from his goals, they became a side who were not quick or slick.

Whether that be in the press or on the front foot. Man United’s running stats were appalling last year. To say it’s all Ronaldo’s fault is too short sighted. This is the 37-year old Ronaldo who scored a hat-trick against Tottenham last season, if he hadn’t then it can be argued The Red Devils would have been well beaten.

The Champions League games were examples of other games where the Portuguese captain would be a life line for United. But Legend is a very easy word to throw around, even if it’s Ronaldo .

Lord Bendtner was a legend, but for the wrong reasons. Goals and sheer influence on the pitch, this legend debate about Ronaldo, it’s a non-starter. CR7 has earned the right to be a Manchester United legend.

Ronaldo won the Champions League and individual honours whilst at Old Trafford. But what tarnishes this legacy, is the way CR7 is acting now. Cristiano had his chance to state his desire to leave prior.

To do so late in the window, seems a bit selfish. Cristiano Ronaldo had his chance to leave Juventus, he took it and there was no sentiment, no love felt but love lost.

The same feels similar here, it can be argued. Ronaldo ruthlessly wants to leave (reportedly) and want’s to join a Champions League club. Personally when you’re his age, won what he has won, you can’t begrudge him a move from Manchester United.

That’s my opinion, but I write this piece to say there is a legitimate argument, one which I don’t agree with, but the way CR7 has conducted himself this summer it’s made a small dint in his legacy.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments

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