Are you a bloke if you don’t like sport?

Good afternoon sports fans, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff, hope you’re well there. We need to talk about sports, simply put. Yes, guys and gals you’re thinking well have I missed something here, this is a sports website, which we have followed loyal for several months?

Now, yes it’s 21st century and the way society has developed there has been many changes, but surely one thing which shouldn’t change is that a man likes sport! Football, tennis, cricket, snooker, rugby, golf or MMA, fellas sports the way forward.

Team work, or individual glory, sport has the magic of showing both ways that people can succeed. The rich, the not rich and at times, the proverbial average Joe can enter a sporting field and compete.

If you don’t like sport, then what do you talk about to you fellow man? The weather? Beards? (Hell to the yes ,talk about that all day long!) But no, sport is a common ground to unite the fellow man.

Good game over the weekend, that was offside, that was handball! Friendships and brotherhoods are built by the uniting of the love of the beautiful game or any other sport for that matter.

Society has progressed, but sorry fella, you don’t like sport? That’s just a way to stick out and not in a good way. Man was created to grow Beards, eat chicken burgers and watch sports! All sports except WWE! (Even though we do cover it on

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Hello, good afternoon beloved sports fans. I hope you’re well. We hear at love telling stories and sharing them too. Alhamdulillah we have been operating for over six years and we’re looking to solidify our website and help it grow too, but we need your support please. Whatever large or little amount you think you can spare, it’s still even bigger to us. With your kind donation/support we want to give a contribution to the local community sports hall, to help young kids do what they do best, have fun! Thank you for your support.



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