One of the very few times, they’re wrong

Good afternoon sports fans, let’s go down memory lane. Football fans in particular think Manchester United in the 90’s and 2000’s. Here is an example of a colossus on and off the pitch.

Off the pitch The Red Devils were one of the richest in world sport and most certainly football too, and even a period the richest of all the football clubs on the planet. Key to that success were brilliant minds such as David Gill and Peter Kenyon.

United wanted a player, very few were able to compete due to the swift nature that the Old Trafford club would do their business. Ronaldo for example was signed without too much fuss, maybe because not to many people in the football world were alerted to what a talent CR7 was.

As good as success stories like that are and arguably the signing of Wayne Rooney who would become a very good investment as the former Everton player would become Man United top goal-scorer, there had been times where United had got it wrong in a period where they were very successful and efficient in how the operated.

Juan Sebastien Veron, Kleberson and Bebe are the most obvious examples of transfer gaffes I can think of. On the whole, Sir Alex got rid of players and sold them at the right time, Jaap Stam was I think one of the few he got wrong, which is something the man himself admits too.

So football fans, why am I saying this? The reason is I can a very shrewd operation in operation at Liverpool. The 19-time Premier League champions have operated superbly and in the transfer marker their deals have been mainly successful, with a few exceptions.

Minamino, Keita (maybe harsh) and Oxlade-Chamberlain I argue have been some of the few misses for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. In the player sales Liverpool have sold players (the right players) and maximised their value.

Harry Wilson, Philippe Coutinho and Dejan Lovren are just some of the examples I can think of to support my point. So, in short what I am saying with examples, is that Liverpool of today is working as well as United of yesterday, maybe better.

Nothing is perfect in life and we all make mistakes and for Liverpool, the sale of Sadio Mane, for a pittance is one which has left me scratching my head. There is an argument, that The Reds have not lost anything in terms of monetary value. when selling to Bayern Munich.

Liverpool have lost so much more. The Senegalese attacker’s numbers in terms of defensive pressures might have dropped, but he proved he’s still a force in the attacking third. Mane can play across the front-line and still contribute, which isn’t what can be said of Mohammed Salah for example.

The Egyptian King as he is known may have great numbers in terms of goals, but he does of course take the penalties for Liverpool, Sadio Mane who didn’t, had still very good attacking numbers despite this.

Salah isn’t renowned for his work tracking back, Mane had this in his locker and largely had been over shadowed by Mohammed Salah. Egyptian international Salah is of course a good player, the fact he is always near the top of the scoring charts backs that up, but smaller details is what really makes me (a very passionate football fan), wonder if Liverpool have got this player sale wrong.

Darwin Nunez, who will be coming in to possibly replace Sadio Mane, can play out wide. It’s not the same, now this is my personal opinion as is this article, but I feel that Nunez can play wide like Cavani did and Aubameyang (they can play there but it’s not their natural position as they’re most dangerous down the middle).

For footballing reasons, I admire Liverpool and would love to be proven wrong that Liverpool have made a mistake. Am I right or wrong to have this opinion? Only time will tell.

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