This is why they call it the beautiful game

Hello, good afternoon sports fans. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and keeping safe in these times. Boy and girls, ladies and gents … We need to talk, football! Football, a sport that’s arguably the biggest in the UK/England, is known across the world as ‘the beautiful game’.

The memories it provokes and the emotions too, there’s nothing quite like it. Cricket, is beautiful, but it’s more of a thinkers game. Field placings, outwitting opponents … football, that’s more emotions.

If cricket you think with your head, football is with heart and that’s what leads to the beauty of it. This weeks European football semi-final ties, were of pure and sheer excitement. I am am man of 35 years of age, and I can say I have only cried tears of joy once, after a football game, Manchester City vs Tottenham from a few seasons back (Champions League quarter-final).

The matches this week, were all emotion filled, Liverpool on the brink of getting rattled and maybe dumped out of the tournament, to become mentality monsters and cruelly sink the Yellow Submarine Villareal (who won the Europa League last year) out of the tournament.

Talking about cruelly going out of the tournament, Manchester City’s wait for an elusive first Champions League crown, continues after self destructing in the second leg of their game against Real Madrid at the Bernabeau.

Logic, (with two minutes to go I should add), dictated that Real the 13-time Champions League winners were going to be knocked out of this years tournament, but someone tell that to Rodrygo.

The young Brazilian Rodrygo, didn’t get that memo and it was his two goals, which ultimately won the tie, as City appeared defeated and deflated too at that point, before Benzema would score the goal that would actually dump them out . In the Europa League West Ham’s game against Eintracht Frankfurt may have been easy to a point for the Germans, but Rangers who were also against German opposition (Leipzig) to a man were superb in an emotion packed Ibrox.

It’s just a game they tell you, tell that someone else, we don’t believe that here at the sports buff .

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