Our look on the UCL Draw

We take a look at the fall out from todays UCL draw .

A software glitch from an external company, lead to what will be one of the most talked about football moments for some time, and this wasn’t even in regards to a matter on the pitch. This glitch is relating to the UCL draw needing to be redone, much to the bemusement of all.

Real Madrid, would have been happy, as the 13-time Champions League winners, who if you believe the hear say, were up against a team in Benfica that have been ‘cursed’. Several Europa League finals in the fifty years since that rumoured curse, doesn’t make it as far fetched as some may see it as.

Los Blancos from having the Portuguese giants, now have the ‘small matter’ of trying to overcome the beaten finalists of two seasons ago PSG, a nice easy one for Carlo and his boys (yes that’s sarcasm over load).

The company that UEFA use, just might be getting replaced after this gaffe, thank God they don’t do the Lotto numbers with this system, otherwise that would be a different controversy all together.

As for the draw itself, Atletico are happy as they won’t be facing Bayern Munich, but spare a thought for Red Bull Salzburg who now will be. But having said that, their initial opponents are not much of an easier proposition (Liverpool) .

Chelsea managed to get Lille twice, and Manchester United from having PSG, now face Atletico which will be a homecoming for David DeGea. The then teenager, left Atletico and has since established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the game.

In the Europa League, Rangers were hoping for a system error and their play off Europa League tie to be redrawn, they face former Champions League winners Borussia Dortmund. How Connor Goldson and co, will be having sleepless nights on the prospect of coming up against Erling Haaland.

On that note, good night!


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