Newcastle takeover; the other side

It’s been barely 24 hours since what many think and still think is the unthinkable, the takeover of Newcastle United by PFI. Much has been made about the human rights side of the takeover, we have offered our thoughts on the takeover too.

You’re most welcome to have a read here;

Under the microscope; Newcastle takeover discussed

Sports fans, we want to look the at the other side of the coin. Now we’re not Amnesty International, we are not going to state the perils of the takeover on human rights grounds, our issues are potential sporting ones.

As we are a sports site that is dedicated to show both sides of the argument, in this article we want to try doing that here. The writer/s of this site are football fans, but the need to tell the story the way it needs to be told will always come above club loyalty or animosity.

Our potential issues with this takeover are based on the new owners’ project. That means what do they have in mind for the club and how will they get The Magpies back amongst England’s elite?

Of course the money side of it, won’t be a problem. The Crown Prince is said to be worth £320 billion, but we have issues football related. Now Inter Milan do have billionaire owners and are having to sell players before they buy and have been looking to making profits on player sales .

With the case of The Nerazzurri, the owners company is in serious debt and they have used Inter as their get out of jail card. Cross-city rivals Milan, they too have wealthy owners and have had to restructure their dealing in the transfer market due to their debts.

With the example of these two power houses, we argue this wasn’t a case of lack of money, but lack of proper business and football people in the top positions. Other examples for Newcastle to avoid is that of Chelsea, yes you read that right.

In 2003 when Russian Billionaire Roman Abrahamovic came to England and took control of Chelsea, there was a lot of fan fare like there is now with Newcastle. Our issue is with the running of the club.

What we mean is that despite Chelsea winning youth FA Cup after youth FA Cup, it must be stated that not many of the youth team have made it through to the first team. Similar to Manchester City too. Sancho, Diaz and Lopez all were sold despite being tipped for the first team .

Their replacements, we could imagine were in the 10’s of millions if not £100 million plus.

For Chelsea, yes Mason Mount, Reece James, Fikoyo Timori and Tammy Abraham have been promoted in to the first team, but it was in part due to need rather than want. The transfer embargo on Chelsea, forced The Blues to look at their academy to freshen up the squad.

When the embargo was lifted however, Billy Gilmore has been loaned out and Abraham and Timori are plying their trade in Serie A. So, I hear you ask? The issue is, is that football sells a dream as well as entertains.

Football sells a dream that you don’t have to be educated to make it, but you need dedication, hard work and to be humble. That boy from the estate, who won’t be looked at in society, is looked at, at a football training ground as he possesses a deadly right foot for instance.

Although it’s flowers and roses for Chelsea, upon closer inspection isn’t it demoralising for the academy players in their set up? What’s the point of trying, Chelsea will loan me out anyway?

In the case of Matic, Lukaku and Luiz, they have found their way back to Stamford Bridge, and usually for twice the amount they sold them for. So our concern is, that they don’t neglect the youngsters in the academy, every boy has a dream, Newcastle owners work on making more come true, that’s if you want to connect with the fans.

It’s a cliche, yes but football without fans is nothing! The last example we will use is that of AS Monaco. The Principality based French side of course are based in one of the most glamorous based places not just in Europe, but the world too.

When Monaco were taken over by Russian owners, players like Falcao were signed and other super stars. It was all smiles and excitement for the French side, dreaming of replicating success of old, but then change.

It was change as the AS Monaco owners changed tact and players were bought for minimal fees and sold on at big profits. Great for the accountants, but not the best for the fans who only knew one thing, they wanted their team to be successful.

We didn’t want to be over dramatic here with the example of AS Monaco, I mean they’re still competitive, but Newcastle fans you deserve to be shown the other side. Do you agree with us?

Let us know in the comments.

Here the team at The Sports Buff tries to argue the other side of the argument of the Newcastle takeover


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