A Sergio Agüero tale

Hello and good morning, here I offer my tribute to one of the Premier League’s greatest imports

He came to an England, not quite a boy, but a very young man at 23. Sergio Aguero or Kun Aguero was a striker signed by Manchester City from Atletico Madrid for £35 million.

The footballing world were convinced that City had gone mad, it was an act of them haphazardly spending the cash after the Abu Dhabi takeover. What £35 million is now, could be what £97.5 million is for Romelu Lukaku, don’t quote me on that I don’t work for Deloitte.

What I feel I am qualified to talk about as a football writer and football fan is that Sergio, was one of the best Premier League strikers the League has ever seen.

At 5ft8 this boy was a giant on the pitch. Good in and out of the box, as well as being surprisingly good in the air for a little man, Kun Aguero was the complete forward.

Ten years ago, he was signed as unknown by Manchester City, but fast forward 10 years, the little Argentine became the Man City record goalscorer and also the third-highest Premier League goalscorer, with Andy Cole’s tally a mere stone’s throw away.

To spend such an amount of time together with one club is a little lifetime. Not the best with his language off the pitch as his English was maybe a bit weak, but my Spanish isn’t great either.

From 2011-2018, Sergio Aguero was a legend, a goal-scoring machine but sadly the two final seasons although the former Atletico man would still have the scoring touch when called upon, he couldn’t be called upon too much as he was spending more time injured.

On the treatment table, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he got to know Eric Bailly, Phil Jones and Daniel Sturridge through attending different rehab centres. In life, all things come to an end, and for the City fans the day that Barca fans are now feeling due to Lionel Messi leaving their club.

Days of sadness, emptiness and disbelief that their hero has actually left their club. For Kun, he would be moving to Barcelona, taking a pay cut, such was his desire to play with a childhood friend.

The transfer fee although, free would have been a difficult one and nervy one for Barca’s medical team due to Aguero’s not so kind injury record the past couple of seasons.

Miracles are myths people say, but the fact that Sergio passed his medical, just maybe proves that such does exist. It’s now almost ironic of sort that Kun Aguero is on the treatment table for 10 weeks, owing to a calf injury.


Personally, I think Aguero will be out for 10 weeks, due to a broken heart of Messi leaving. We all deal with things in different ways. Love him, hate him one thing is for sure you will not be able to forget him and that Aguerooooooooooooo! Goal.

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