It’s getting embarrassing

Left, right, front and back, it’s getting embarrassing. The number of football fans, football experts and pundits alike are calling for Chelsea head coach Graham Potter to be sacked.

In my nine years of sports writing and most recently, broadcasting and sports video content creation, I am legitimately infuriated by such lazy journalism. Why? Potter before the Chelsea job was the best thing since sliced bread, apparently.

This was how it appeared to the English press, as they had the former Swansea coach earmarked as a potential England manager. It was Potter or Eddie Howe. But now that Graham Potter is struggling, which let’s have no doubt about it he is, the knives and daggers are out.

Is it justified? No and here’s why. Let’s bring Nottingham Forest into the conversation and yes it’s relevant. Forest have signed 30 players and at the start of the season seemed doomed for relegation, so much so I thought I could write the dreaded, they’re going down article.

If post-World Cup is anything to go by, yours truly needs to delve into a not-so-delicious helping of humble pie. Steve Cooper’s men, although not perfect, no one is, are close to establishing a settled team.

Former Swansea manager Cooper has even boldly ditched summer signing Emanuel Denis, in his place Brenan Johnson, who was key to helping Nottingham Forest get into the Premier League, has scored several vital goals this season.

The 50-year-old Potter, is maybe, just maybe doubting himself, but with such levels and ferocity of criticism, let’s remember he’s human. Chelsea’s side is so lop-sided.

Chelsea have more wide-attackers than you can shake a stick at, alongside centre-backs too, but they have just three strikers at the club, with one of them injured and the other one it appears is out of favour.

Sports fans, just look at Mikel Arteta. Many will have short memories, but the calls were very loud, to get rid of the Arsenal manager, but The Gunners ignored the outside noise, developed a strategy and are now seeing the results.

Arteta is an elite manager some say now but wasn’t 12 months ago. Graham Potter does come across as a bit too nice, this is a problem with him. Todd Boehly appears to know nothing about football and yes I say that with the 4-4-3 comment in mind.

So in conclusion, armchair fans, it’s foolish to sharpen the blades, be patient with your manager. I think 99% of the signings are not his, Marc Cucurella might be a player he would be happy to sign as he worked with him at Brighton.

There is this criticism he keeps changing the team, wouldn’t we all 14 games, with a team that you haven’t assembled? It’s times like this when I thank God that the job of armchair supporter isn’t a paid one.

Give Graham Potter time. Let’s not forget that Chelsea arguably hires their managers with the cost of sacking them already calculated. Good things come to those who wait Chelsea fans.

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