PCB, a word please

Good evening sports fans I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. A late upload from me, I admit, sorry about that. Sports fans, simply I am trying to shake off this virus that’s going round.

So, after talking about that, without too much further a do, talk about what needs to be addressed in the cricket world, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). I won’t delve too much into the politics of the organisation, again we’re not that kind of site.

What I will say, and what I do want to address is the shambolic pitches that have been prepared for the past seven tests pretty much. All of the pitches bar one have been drier than the Sahara Desert .

Matches on these pitches should be 10 days, and you might not get a wicket on it. One can only think the wickets that have fallen have been due to lapses of concentration.

If the innings of Kane Williamson is anything to by, then this supports my belief. The former Black Caps captain was given a reprieve on 15 by Sarfraz Ahmed.

Williamson should have been stumped, but survived and made a century. Tom Latham did the same, Devon Conway (92) came close to copying his two New Zealand colleagues.

Najim Sethi who is the new man at the helm of Pakistani cricket is singing a Christmas Number one of a song of the changes he wants to bring in, with one being a foreign coach.

If reports are to be believed Mickey Arthur has been welcomed back for a second stint. That’s all fair and well, but have a word with the ground staff. What excuse of pitches have been prepared?

Not just because Pakistan keep losing, but these pitches should all be investigated and see the Pakistani’s docked points for poor pitches. When so many wickets fall in a game, in a day the pitch is under scrutiny, but why not when it’s so many runs scored?

If you don’t change your ways, just know you’re wasting the talents of Abrar Ahmed. Babar Azam on the face of it is improving his average, but is it helpful to his skills to play on such lifeless pitches?

I thinks not. In terms of matters on the pitch, New Zealand closed the day on 440-6, a lead of two. That’s nearly 900 runs scored in two innings. No wonder the fans are staying away.

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I think not. In terms of matters on the pitch, New Zealand closed the day on 440-6, a lead of two. That’s nearly 900 runs scored in two innings. No wonder the fans are staying away.

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