Rejuvenated ones

The life of a professional football player. The fast cars, the pretty women, the money and the fame, the dream life, right? Well, it’s not always glitz and glamour for sure. Admittedly, it’s a tough sell, to try and sell to the masses that footballers have a hard-knock life.

But what footballers can have is pressures that the average man or woman, will never have to face. With money comes fame and with fame comes responsibility. So many times, football players are in the news for the ‘wrong reasons’.

If what some football players do, is done by an ordinary member of the public, there will not even be a bat of an eyelid, but due to it being a famous football player, the news is splashed over the headline.

Again to state, I am in no way being a cheerleader for football players as with fame comes responsibility, whether they like it or not. Sometimes fame and responsibility can have a negative effect on certain players.
I want to take a look at some players, who have come back stronger after some stinging criticism for their performances.

Marcus Rashford is one and in some ways Danny Welbeck is another. In the case of former Man United striker Welbeck, from my knowledge, he hadn’t a busy life off the pitch, but the Longsight-born front-man was in danger of seeing his talent to go to waste.

Thankfully, under the guidance and tutelage of Graham Potter, Welbeck has been in the best form he has been in nearly a decade. Not quite the same can be said of Marcus Rashford as he is still in his 20s, but even he has got somewhere near to the form the football world he is capable of.

Having broke on the scene as a teenager, Rashford had the world at his feet, but a serious injury and miss management, lead many to think was Marcus Rashford good for being a dinner lady and feeding people or feeding teammates to score goals.

Just like Welbeck, academy graduate Rashford has been a different player this season. Due to good coaching and being used correctly United’s number 10 looks like a force to be reckoned with again.

The next player I want to put on this list is Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus. This, even I admit is a bit of a harsh conclusion, but the player looks like he’s been reborn since moving to North London.

Three goals in the first six games is no Erling Haaland, but I have been impressed with his overall play and how he’s been the real leader of the attack.

At Manchester City, he was in danger of fizzling out. I say that because Pep Guardiola didn’t use him to the best that they could have done. Jesus was like a caterpillar and since moving to the Emirates Stadium he’s blossomed into a butterfly.

So, that’s my list of three players who have been rejuvenated. But do you agree with my choices?

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