Under the microscope; Manchester United

Brentford 4-0 Manchester United, it was clear for the football fans in attendance at The Brentford Community Stadium to see on the scoreboard and the fans, many of fans, millions and even billions Man United fans across the globe.

Last season’s 4-0 walloping at the hands of Brighton, who in turn have completed an unofficial double over The Red Devils, as they won on the first game of the season at Old Trafford 2-1.

From bad to worse, is a phrase which has been used a lot for 20-time Premier League champions Manchester United, but surely this is the worst United have ever been?

One goal scored and a whopping six conceded sees Man United bottom of the league. It’s only two games in, don’t worry some may say, but with the greatest respect to the two teams that they have faced The Reds should have had four points t least from these first two games, but in reality, they have zero.

Why is this happening? Here at The Sports Buff, it’s time to under the microscope and find out. Manchester United were in the late 70s a fallen giant.

In the sixties, they had Sir Matt Busby to lead them to Champions League glory, but when he would retire and left his role as United boss, the club would have a decline.

Yes, the legendary Scott would come back for the second half of the 70/71 season and save The Reds from the unthinkable (relegation). The manager of that United side before Busby came back in was Frank Farrell, a talented highly rated manager who was snapped up from Leicester City.

Tommy Docherty and Ron Atkinson were other managers who had credible CVs but ultimately failed in one of the most high-profile jobs in English football.

Football fans, do you see why I am mentioning all this? Yes, that’s right there’s an element of history repeating itself with the current goings on at Manchester United.

So the first reason why Manchester United are getting worse, is they have not learnt lessons from history. Not just from Liverpool’s history when they had a period of struggle, but their own!

Lack of boardroom organisation. Manchester United don’t have football people doing football jobs. The United board had Ed Woodward making football decisions.

Man United’s arch-rivals Liverpool for example had Micheal Edwards running a tight ship in the transfer market. The Anfield club have been nothing less than clinical, efficient and shrewd in the transfer market, Manchester United on the other hand? Well, let’s not go there haha.

Overpaying for players, and lack of a general plan in player recruitment can be put on the board, and I think a lot of it is down to the board, but the youth team although now in improving health, was a massive part of United in their glory days.

Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, the Neville brothers and of course David Beckham were players who propelled themselves into stardom and where did they come from? The club’s academy.

Today’s generation of stars there is Marcus Rashford, who clearly is not the player he was some two seasons ago, he’s a shell of it. So to recap, the United board room, player recruitment and the coaches are some examples of how un Manchester United, United are at the moment.

Coaches like Brian Kidd, he’s a respected coach but the former Man United man is at Manchester City. I heard this phrase and I agree with it; ‘Manchester United only get the best’.

That used to be with coaches and players, but now the top players want to go to other clubs. Haaland and it looks increasingly likely De Jong too, wants to go elsewhere.

Of course, one shouldn’t live in the past, but once upon a time, a player would drop everything to go to Manchester United. Berbatov and Vidic are some clubs I think of when I use this example.

A lot has changed since Sir Alex’s time, and it’s been barely 10 years. Blaming the Glazers is only part of the problem. Yes, the club is in debt and they have not made inroads into the debt since they bought the club.

Mega sponsorships deals with Adidas have papered cracks that have been appearing at United from top to bottom. But even with that money, it’s been poorly spent on many singings that haven’t worked.

There are too many to name, but the point is that when it came to selling them United made a loss on them all, bar Daniel James. Talking of signings, a controversial topic, Ronaldo.

CR7 becoming available has been something you shouldn’t pass up, I stand by this. What I will change my tone on, is yes he’s a marketable asset in terms of promoting new brands to add to United’s lucrative sponsorship agreements.

As United are now becoming more embroiled with debt and having to pay his monster wages, it’s something their strained finances could do without. In fact, I feel a lot of United’s stars are overpaid.

Talking of paid, it’s going to have to get mentioned again, player outgoings. Manchester United have loaned out players (Telles and Henderson) and they’re paying their wages, what?!

The Red Devils are getting more embarrassing as the days pass. From top to bottom the Theatre of dreams is a living day in day out nightmare. Like myself, United fans would be accustomed to and expect success.
Ajax, for example, have a way they play and it’s passed through from generation to generation.

The managers that they appoint, all have this same philosophy, to play high-press positive front foot attacking football.

Sadly though, from the players to the boardroom, Manchester United are a long way off from achieving that. Man United need to sign players who fit their identity and nurture players who fit their identity.

This will hurt Manchester United fans, as the truth always hurts, but Liverpool and Manchester City are following the United way of old to run a football club, shame that Man United themselves can’t do the same.

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