England’s women win the Euro’s

No more years of hurt Three Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming. This sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well ladies and gents, boys and girls this is the lyrics from Badiel and Skinner’s Euro 96 theme song.

But after Sunday’s win for England’s Lionesses it’s the Henri Delaunay Trophy (or the European Championship trophy) that’s gleaming. They did what the men couldn’t, which was to win a Euro’s final.

The last major success for England before the women’s 2-1 success over Germany was the men’s win over the same opposition in 1966. Much has been made of the fact that the ladies game isn’t as good of a product.

Maybe, that’s right, but what this win for The Lionesses has done is make the new generation of young women dream. Maybe they could be the next Ella Toone.

As impressive as the girls were, much has not been made that the FA were spot on in appointing former Dutch coach and winner of Euro 2017, Sarina Weigman.

Weigman in her day was a central midfielder, a position which is made for the players who are tenacious and where necessary combative, which was how The Lionesses had to be when they were pegged back by eight-time winners Germany in the final .

Even now, men who arguably haven’t been able to make it the men’s game with coaching positions in their game, have been given roles in the women’s game.

Yes Phil Neville and Mark Samson I am talking about you. In the case of the latter his spell at Stevenage was nothing to write home about. Without changing the mood of the discussion at hand, let’s continue in the praise for the 52-year old.

This win, where Sarina defeated a German team that was coached by a man, which just shows that there are clearly good women coaches out there. Football associations need to give them the support and backing.

The English FA won’t like me saying this, but I am adamant that the 52-year old Weigman could do a good job with Everton’s men’s team. Could the former Netherlands boss manage a team higher than that? I would say yes.

I only use the Everton example, as this is an example of a big club, big fan base, but with a manager who’s arguably out of his depth at this level in Frank Lampard.

The other sides seem to have settled managers at this point. There is Leicester too, but they have Brendan Rodgers who has don good work at The King Power Stadium.

Until a men’s football side hires a women as a manageress in England, this win for the women’s team although very impressive, will lose it’s positive affect it should have on football.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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