Football is back!

Hello, good evening sports fans, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Sports fans, let’s talk about sports and in particular football.

The up and coming football season this year is recommencing at an earlier date due to this year’s winter World Cup in Qatar. Talking of International football, yes sports fans congratulations is in order for England’s women’s team for getting to the Euro 2022 final.

But, like I would say with the men’s game too, it doesn’t have anything on club football. Thank God the wait is over, as tomorrow on 30th July at Leicester’s King Power Stadium, this year’s Community Shield will be played between Liverpool (FA Cup winners) vs Manchester City (Premier League winners).

Not a proper game? Hey, it’s better than Love Island and Celebrity Goggle box! You want drama? Football gives you that, you want non-stop action? Football can give you that.

The pervy men amongst you will be eagle-eyed in their viewing of Love Island due to Gemma Owen, but she can’t smack one in from 30 yards like KDB can. Football gives you an adrenalin rush, what else gives you that? (this is a family page before you think anything).

With football in England at least having a pro longed break in preparation for the up and coming World Cup, then many will argue if it’s right to hold the tournament in such a country.

It makes me laugh that this topic of human right is only raised when it comes to Qatar. Nope, I am not defending the Middle Eastern state, but UK haven’t been kind to the pensioners for example.

In fact at times, the Conservative policies have been brutal and are very tough on people.

This is not that kind of site I am afraid, but don’t have one rule for one and not the other. England in 2017 officially wasn’t safe. There were terrorist attacks, but the cricketing world still went for a tournament which is only second to the Cricket World Cup (ICC Champions Trophy).

Anyway, let’s let the politicians do their job and I want to do mine, eat, breathe, sleep, write and talk football.

Do you want to smell nice, for the special occasion? Thanks to our partner (rated execellent on trust pilot) you can do, with out it costing the end of the earth. 


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