Thank you for the memories Seb!

The world of F1 has been rocked by the news of the impending retirement of Sebastien Vettel. From 2007-2022, (the present) the world of F1 have been graced with two icons of the modern era. Michael Schumacher and Juan Michael Fangio before Lewis Hamilton’s reign were the icons of the sport.

Up step (on many occasions was first on the podium) Sebastien Vettel. Vettel, who is a former Red Bull racing driver as well as Ferrari too has announced that he will be retiring from the sport come the end of the season, he will be missed.

From 2010-2013, the German Vettel won four world titles and became the youngest world champion in the process too. Such stellar performances and race performances which saw the 35-year old get 53 race wins (only Hamilton and Schumacher have more).

If that’s not impressive, the 13 race wins in the season (equal to German legend Schumacher). Sorry to attack you with stats, but the Aston Martin holds the joint best record for most consecutive wins (nine).

With stats like this and many more, Ferrari came calling and arguably the temptation to replicate F1’s most successful German in the iconic Ferrari, pulled on Vettel’s heart strings.

In 2015, Sebastien Vettel joined Ferrari, this was going to be the move which made him F1’s Greatest Of All Time. Life though doesn’t always pan out the way you want it to and, sadly for Vettel, this arguably lead to some form of decline.

High profile mistakes were setting in, which were very un Vettel like, a man who has been a four-time F1 World Champion. Naturally, this affected Seb’s confidence and with the emergence of Charles Le Clerc, it’s sad to say, but it seemed a pit stop in the Ferrari pit lane was needed for the Aston Martin driver.

Sadly for Vettel in 2020, where the world was in an unprecedented period, (Covid). Ferrari opted for a change and brought in Carlos Sainz Jr to replace Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel to his credit has had some good performances for Aston Martin, but with the greatest respect to the Aston brand, they’re not going to be a car tussling with Red Bull and Ferrari for the constructors crown.

What started off a great F1 story, a new German kid on the block, a kid who was showing that Germany has a new F1 driver to be proud of, is sadly coming to a disappointing end.

After all is said and done Sebastian Vettel, you should go down as an F1 icon. The 35-year old, who is a campaigner for the climate change, can now in his mind, morally have a clear conscience.

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