An alternate view; New Salah deal is part of bigger picture?

Hello, good morning sports fans. I must admitted, that sounds a bit like a school assembly, good morning sports fans, but I don’t expect a ‘good morning sports fans, good morning everybody’ in that zombie voice.

Welcome to my site if you are new here. My name is Ayyaz Malik, The Sports Buff. I am a sports writer of eight years, and now of course I do vlogging and broadcasting as well. That’s enough of the self-promotion, which I can assure if it was up to me, would be a blog post in its own right.

Let’s talk about the issue at hand, Mohammed Salah. Former Basel, Roma, Fiorentina and Chelsea wide-forward Salah had agreed a new deal with Liverpool. Although not quite the money, The Egyptian King wanted, if he performs , this can be recouped through bonuses.

The new deal, which a three-year deal, I think has more to it. I want to present an alternate view. Many believe that Sadio Mane leaving and Darwin Nunez signing for the club was a replacement signing as the former Almeria man Nunez can play out wide.

Former Benfica striker Nunez, who is might be mistaken for being viral as part of a Norwegian dance group, has moves of his own in the six-yard box, where he has been nothing short of deadly.

The 22-year old Nunez has been lethal in Portugal, but what about the argument, that Darwin Nunez isn’t here to replace Mane, but maybe to replace Salah? Far-fetched? Well, Mohammed is 30, and will start his decline sooner rather than later.

Yes, the former Basel man won the golden boot, but age waits for no one, The Egyptian King will be overthrown one day. Whether that be through a coupe, or a natural air is found to his throne, Salah can’t last forever.

Just like Liverpool did with Mane (selling him and replacing him with a younger player), why can’t they do this with Salah? Where would he go? Well, as Barcelona still don’t seem content to learn their lessons from financial blunders, there you go your answer is right there.

Famed for their La Masia academy, The Catalans want to sign Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, they have Aubameyang who is a thirty something too, so makes little sense!

The message is, don’t go to the MLS for living in a football nursing home, just to go Catalunya instead! Liverpool very rarely get taken advantage of in the transfer market, and in the case of Mane, they got their money back after a lengthy tenure at the club.

Do the same with Salah, why not?! The three-year deal just helps them add another 10 million to next year’s sale price. Remember Thierry Henry anyone?

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