A defence of Harry Maguire

Jacob Harry Maguire, or as most people know him , Harry Maguire is quite the divisive figure amongst Manchester United fans, and football fans a like. Football fans, I will give you my opinion on the 29-year old former Leicester man in this piece, but I do want to argue a case for a defence for the former Leicester defender.

One criticism that Maguire gets constantly criticised for is his pace, or shall we say lack of it. This is a legitimate weakness in the Manchester United skippers game, but pointing this out is like saying why isn’t the 1 litre Toyota Yaris a 3.6 litre engine with a V12.

I can make a pop shot at a Yaris, as I had one once upon a time. Harry Maguire, due to no fault of his own is the world record transfer for a defender, and that’s been a stick used to beat him.

Calm on the ball, good at playing out from the back with a good reading of the game are the strengths associated with the former Hull and Sheffield United centre-back, pace is not it never has been. Jamie Redknapp, look away now.

Mr Redknapp, yes you’re man crush material but don’t get carried away by making such ridiculous statements like that. As good as he is reading the game, which would have been good in teams in years gone by, the modern football team unfortunately doesn’t have room for players like Maguire.

There have been many occasions, where the 29-year old has been brutally exposed. What’s exacerbated the issue of last season’s woes were the bomb threat scare he suffered and also the merciless mocking he’s suffered at the hands of Man United fans and rival fans.

Mockingly being called ‘fridge’ and other insults of the like, Maguire is naturally human and is not immune to criticism, especially it has been vicious at times. Justified? Within bounds yes, the bombing threat was too far.

Fans have the right to boo him, they pay good money to watch him play. The ear-cupping against Albania was embarrassing, it’s Albania after all. I say that in the context of certain quarters see England as a World Cup favourite.

Personally, Maguire is a good defender and with good coaching and confidence building Harry Maguire can resurrect his Man United career. Daley Blind wasn’t quick, but he worked well with Erik Ten Haag, as his manager maybe as he had Jurien Timber alongside him in the Ajax defence.

Although not the tallest, Ajax academy graduate Timber is an excellent defender who has pace, which is what’s needed alongside Harry Maguire. John Terry and Paolo Maldini are players who relied on their reading of the game.

To clarify, I am not comparing Mr Maguire to those greats, just drawing comparisons to other defenders who read the game so well. This is the same Harry Maguire who was in the Euro 2020, team of the tournament after all.

JT had Ricardo Carvalho and Gary Cahill alongside him, who were both quick, if United did that, they will see a more confident player, The high-line is going to leave Maguire exposed, it would have done with Terry if he was playing in this era.

To sell Maguire? Is he good enough? Personally don’t think he should be sold, he should be given the chance to see if he can fit into an ETH team, if not he should be sold with no sentimental feeling.

That means no six-minute cringe video package as a send-off. This is Manchester United, once the greatest club in the world. Greater players have left and greater have arrived.

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