When you go back to an ex

Hello, good evening sports fans, I pray you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Ladies and gents, the ex. Whether that be an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend (or of course the other way round), the ex divides opinion.

They were good to me, I shouldn’t have left, or they were worse and more contagious from their BS than the plague itself! But here at The Sports Buff, we of course want to bring the concept of getting back with the ex, from a sporting status.

So, think of Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl. Former world number one, got to those dizzy heights with Lendl in his company, but when they parted, Murray hasn’t been the same player since.

Yes injury played a massive part in that, but as Barney from How I Met Your Mother would say, “Ok” with that stern look too.

Maybe this will change, now both are looking to rekindle, their sporting love for one another? I will get the candles, and the bubbly (sparkling water). What about Chelsea, David Luiz, Romelu Lukaku, Nemanja Matic and even Jose Mourinho!

Sorry but, can’t help but think Chelsea are being a bit Narcissistic in their behaviour, how so? Well Jose left, (sacked) and with the example of the players, all were sold and came back like life is a bed of roses.

As Romelu is currently with the club, he has of course not left, yet … that’s if that flirtation with Inter Milan in the Autumn was anything to go by. To keep it football related, Peterborough are similar to Chelsea, but with their managers.

Messer’s McCann and Ferguson have had more than one spell with the club. Yes Grant McCann has only been reappointed boss after his sacking at Hull, but in the case of Darren Ferguson, he’s been back to his footballing ex, four times!

Former Doncaster Rovers boss Ferguson, of course left his post in the month or so, but one can’t help but feel, he will answer the call of The Posh. These are the most obvious examples of going back to the ex, are there any examples that we might have missed?

Let us know in the comments.

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