Back garden football, where everyone is Messi

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, it’s me your Sports Buff, the knowledge hub for all matters sport. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and if you’re in the UK, staying clear of storm Gladys!

Gladys is a fitting name for a storm, they’re feisty in nature, so they cause a storm in their own right! Sports fans, carrying on from the same vein of me turning into prime Wasim Akram.

Football, is known as the beautiful game and is played by millions, maybe billions. From astro turf pitches to the dusty streets in the third world, football is arguably the most popular sport played.

But what about football in the back garden. The broken windows from trying to do a ‘Ronaldo free-kick’ (R9 for me in my day, not CR7). The times the car alarms would go off too when the ball would hit your neighbours car! Sorry Joe and Una, that’s you lol.

The plus side of back garden football, if you’re me and play with your seven-year old nephew, you morph into Messi. Low-sense of gravity and scoring goals for fun. The tricks, the nut-megs- I am sure it’s something that the PSG man would clap and admire from the sidelines if he saw me strut my stuff.

Let’s forget the panting out of breath I would do these days after 15 minutes, then yeah back garden football is something I excel in. The saves I make from my nephew’s shots and the ‘screamers’ I wack into the top corner of our makeshift goal.

Yes he’s like two foot smaller than I am, but hey Fabian Barthez was a diminutive goalie and he had a superb career. So you see, size doesn’t matter. As good as back garden football is for the tricks and flicks you can do, in my case with my nephew, nothing will be quite like back streets football.

Coats making the goal posts, and the iconic next goal wins, even though the team that calls next goal wins is losing 10-3 or something of the sorts. Thank you for joining my journey of nostalgia.

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