What Tottenham and Liverpool have in common

I know what you’re thinking. How on God’s green earth, are Tottenham and Liverpool alike? One side has 19 Premier League titles and six Champions League titles, and Tottenham have zero.

As impressive as those achievements have been , Liverpool can say they have enjoyed relative success in the last five years, I can’t help but see some similarities to the current Liverpool team and the Tottenham Hotspur team of the late 2010’s

Far fetched? Well, let me argue my point, then of course you can be the judge. That Spurs team of the late 2010’s was always the brides maid and never the bride kind of team, but like with Liverpool’s current they didn’t have squad depth and that hurt The Lilywhites and is hurting The Reds currently too.

Liverpool, (to keep the analogy going) walked down the altar and had their big day, even at Tottenham’s expense on one occasion too. The Anfield side had a trophy laden period, winning the Premier League, Champions League, Club World Cup and Super Cup in a short time, but currently, I am pessimistic.

The 19-time Premier League winners, largely have the same side, they have tried to make subtle tweaks, but upfront and a right-back for example, there is no quality back up options. Even at left-back, there is cover, but with the greatest respect Tsimikas won’t be anywhere near the first team is fit.

Liverpool have enjoyed some success, so I won’t be too harsh, but Manchester City for example in this Christmas period, have won the title (I feel due to their squad depth, premature yes, are City catchable? Well,no) and The Merseyside outfit Liverpool have lost the league title due to this same reason ( squad depth, which is minimal).

In the case of City, they have Billions and Billions behind them, I know, but just some financial shrewdness in the window for Liverpool who buy before they sell these days, will help them get back to being competitive . Shop in the Championship, which they did do so with Neil Robertson and look how that fared? The same could be done in the striking department. Ben Bereton of Blackburn Rovers, maybe could do the Firminho role?

Don’t knock it Liverpool before you tried it, I leave you with that thought.


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