The toppling of a giant

Football fans, I am sure you have seen the footballing news, and if you haven’t get back under that rock you were living under, but the mighty Barcelona, five-time Champions League winners are out of the Champions League after losing 2-0 to Bayern Munich, and after Christmas will be playing Europe League football.

The two-times they dismantled English Premier League heavy-weights Manchester United in the Champions League final, is now but a mere distant memory. That team, was the greatest that the arguably the greatest British manager of all time Sir Alex Ferguson has seen, but o what has become of it.

In an almost cruel twist of fate, one of the greatest players of that greatest era is now manager in one of the worst Barcelona sides that there have been in recent memory. To change the tone of this piece, Manchester United went down to the Europa League in the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

Not sure if Barcelona knew there was such as thing as a Thursday during the week, but now they will have to get used to the idea, there is use for Luuk De Jong after all! There’s a very dark atmosphere over the Camp Nou, and that was before they signed Barithwaite and the aforementioned De Jong.

It’s easy to poke fun, at these two, but hey look at it this way, even the great Lionel Messi won’t be playing European football on Thursday. King Leo hasn’t been able to do it on a cold night in Rennes just yet, maybe this leaving Barcelona thing was planned and the thought of playing Europe League football and getting marked by Connor Goldson and Helander made him have sleepless nights!

On the other hand, Messi has to face Ramos in training, the definition of a loose cannon in our book, but now they’re friends? O Leo you have gone soft in your old age!

Imagine Leo at Ibrox or the London stadium? Lionel, you’re playing 4d chess with the rest of us! It looks like you jumped ship knowing what you were potentially facing up to, Messers Dawson and Ogbonna, Leo isn’t coming to town . Several quarters see this as the end of Barca (them dropping to the Europa League) , sorry to say so, but the end for Barca as some want to put it, was when they went £1 billion in debt.

Gavi, Fati, Pedri and Araujo to just name some players of the Barca talent line, which shows that there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Fiorentina and Rangers are just some teams that immediately springs to mind, when fallen giants come into the conversation.

In these case of these two, they have bounced back again. Barca needs to do the same.

Yes this won’t be easy for Barcelona to deal with playing in the Europa League, something they haven’t done for 17 years, but this is the reality. Barca fans, for things to get better, things will get worse.

On that we love you and leave you . All the best.


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