A message from our chief sports writer

Hello and good evening sports fans, my name is Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff, the chief sports writer of the-sports-buff.com.

Sports fans, I am sure you’re aware of the current and ongoing fall out of the racism cases/s being linked with Yorkshire county cricket club.

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of the case of the former England Captain. We here are an infant site, but we want to assure you dear reader we will write and fight for inequalities on all sporting levels.

Sport is beautiful and what makes it beautiful is that it’s inclusive to all. We here at the sports buff continue to cover news nationally and internationally, but the need to talk about issues of what’s happening with Azeem Rafiq, need to be spoke about.

We remain optimistic and change is on the horizon. Hate breeds hate and love can develop from hate.

We stand in solidarity with Azeem Rafiq in this case, we hope that no matter the profile of name, If someone is accused of racism it gets looked into fully.

Thank you for supporting our infant site. We will be sharing sporting analysis whether it be digital or digital broadcasting media.

Thank again

Ayyaz Malik aka the sports buff


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