The types of sports fans

Hello and good morning sports fans, how are we all? I hope you’re keeping well! Ladies and Gents, here’s to hoping you’re safe and well and looking after yourselves in these times of Covid19.

The Sports Buff is available on many platforms, from YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, Brandnewtube and more, as well as having it’s own podcast. Do check that out please, moving on though however, I want to talk about the kinds of sports fans and to be more precise the ones in football matches.

Let me tell you a story … once upon a time, there was a boy, nay a man! Yeah, the story was about me, two mini stories about me, both were at Manchester United games it might have been the same game, I digress.back to the story

So, the story goes that I went to see Manchester United host Fulham (the game where Ronaldo smacked one in the top corner). Now this game, wasn’t too much to write home about bar that brilliant strike from CR7.

During the game though, I was taken back how football fans morph into a different creature. There was a respectable man, with his child and they asked politely, if he can move to one side to allow to get to their seat, that’s fine he asked nicely.

The thing is, when he got to his seat, I am sure he didn’t have Tourette’s and wasn’t getting set off by ticks, but the F bombs … too many to count. Changed was this polite ‘excuse me please sorry to bother you sir’, and Ronaldo the ******* man!

His son, a young man was there, but he wasn’t phased he turned into the Incredible Hulk with his rage, when the match finished he left early and then calmed down and morphed into Mr Polite.

The excuse me, sorry to bother you person returned and the warm kind hearted nature also made a come back.

Only can a football fan morph into this kind of being during a match. If that’s bad what about the football fan who knows nothing about football? Yes they do exist. So this story within story comes from the Manchester United tuck shop I call it.

Looking the part of a football fan, I had my Man United top on, with the print of Ayyaz 6 on the back. That number and it’s origins came from me being a centre back then a deep lying midfielder, but that was like seven a side football.

Let’s be honest, I think I am being polite on myself and not calling it, for what it was .. I wasn’t athletic enough to be a number eight box to box midfielder. So with me having number six on my back, I sensed from my peripheral vision that someone was staring at me.

I froze and waited for my cousin to get his Toblerone and his drink and in the time waiting, I managed to hear the guy behind me say, ‘when did we sign him’? There was a pause, what felt like a long pause, I then heard in a stern voice, ‘that his name, you idiot’!

So to clarify, this football fan thought Ayyaz was United’s new number six, o how I laughed and still laugh to this day, some 10/15 years on. My penultimate example of a fan his one whose life revolves around their team.

Days off in work? Well that depends when United are playing. Holidays? Err do Man U go there in their group games? Shift swaps and absences, all revolving around their team too. Sorry John ( I know a John like this and told him this too), but Pogba wouldn’t cover your shift if he had a chance.

He would be too busy at dance practice or going to the barbers.

The last example of football fan, well that’s got to surely be the fanalyst. There are many Youtubers who have made fame from doing this, but I am talking about ‘the average Joe in the street’. This person will know tactics better than the manager does and is a scout all wrapped in.

Yes, a bit Jay from The Inbetweeners sounding, I know. Well there you have my list of sports fans and to be more precise football fans, so what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? You know what to do.

Hello and good morning, here I talk about the kind of football fans there are

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