The essence of time

Hello and good evening sports fans, it’s The Sports Buff here. Apologies, there haven’t been too many posts from our site of late. That will of course change, and I want to make this change by starting with a topic I could republish time after time.

To clarify, what I am talking about is the issue of managers who are needed to be given more time. I don’t have stats for this, but just from my eagle sports eye, there are a lot of managerial sackings in the Premier League and the Championship.

It’s an unpopular opinion, but I am adamant that there is more pressure to succeed in the Championship than there in in the Premier League. Prestigious clubs like Nottingham Forest for example, have gone through managers like I have razor blades.

Now, that analogy might go a miss on some as I am bald and Bearded, but I am fully bald as I shave my head and boy I go through razor blades! This topic irritates me, why? Well look at Mikel Arteta, some corners of the Arsenal faithful are saying that he is the next Arsene Wenger.

I am not belittling that statement, I am agreeing with it metaphorically, what I mean is that The Gunners have won three in a row, which is quite something when he was tipped for the sack. Just proves the power of sticking with the manager.

Another example is of Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid. The Italian who is one of three managers to have won the Champions League on three separate occasions as a manager, returned to the Santiago Bernabeu to little or no fan fare, but with time where are Los Blancos? That’s right top of the league!

Arch-rivals Barcelona who have former defender Ronald Koeman in charge are said to be wanting to sack the former Valencia coach, but are not able to due to not being able to afford the compensation they will need to pay if they do.

That is a very laughable predicament to be in. It’s a strange decision, Koeman is over seeing one of the darkest periods of the Catalan giants’ history. If they do sack him, then what? Back to square one? The new manager will need time and money to fix the ever growing problems at Camp Nou.

Which is the same predicament at Manchester United, sack Ole, then what? In the case of the Norwegian we have been here before and he wins some games then it’s crisis, what crisis?

To conclude, sacking the manager is the easiest thing to do. Patience is the key, even if Chelsea and Watford have different ideas.

Ronald Koeman, is a man who needs time at Barca

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