Lionel Messi an alternative look to his transfer from Barca

Hello and good evening, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff. I hope you’re well and looking after yourselves. We need to have chat quite clearly, it’s about Lionel Messi. Yeah that same Messi who left Argentina at 13 and the one who scored that legendary chip for his first goal after being set up by Ronaldinho.

You know our Ronny, yeah that’s right the one who like Dwight Yorke had one of football’s most beaming smiles. The similarities stop there as one got on the wrong side of a woman and a relationship and the other one, err maybe there are more things similar than we think.

One footballing difference was, Ronaldinho was a Futsall legend and the other one was an Aston Villa legend. I do digress, back to the tale of our noble knight, Lionel. Messi, the aire to the Maradona throne as he became the leading all-time goal scorer for the Blaugrana.

Leo was a boy, but then became a man. You know the game show take me out, the recent developments remind of that show to a point. Lionel Messi is the guy, you know the one with Paddy McGuiness.

Our Paddy will go through them all, but then Leo after wanting to appear on the show has a change of heart and ends up turning all the lights off of the contestants. PSG and Messi had things in common, but Leo turned the light off as deep down he thought he was ready to move on from his long term relationship, ultimately a football marriage with Barcelona.

Our Leo having turned down all the contestants on the show, now has to go back on the show and ask our Paddy to see if he can lighty on for likey, but when he turns the lights on will there be others there?

Apparently not as PSG, Manchester City and clubs from the MLS are all interested in the five-time Ballon D’or winner again. A very possible partner in Manchester City, after waiting for Leo to say yes, only to get their heart broken time and time again have gone for their new date, Jack Grealish.

Jack he’s a beautiful football player, he charms City and is someone who makes them feel loved and cherished, but Jackie boy only came into the picture because Leo, didn’t fully give City the same love that they gave to him, his heart deep down was elsewhere.

So then there’s Paris. Well you see, they’re similar to a point. They like City want Lionel Messi’s love, they even said you can have your football family nearby (Neymar) it will help you in your new relationship.

PSG too, have had to love someone else, Kylian Mbappe. Kylian knowing PSG adore him as they wanted to love someone dearly , has decided that he wants to let PSG fight for him and show their love for him well and truly.

So if PSG do that, he still looks to be swayed by the new one with the proverbial high heel and short skirt that is Real Madrid.

She’s a Sugar Mommy and she’s famous. Our Kylian being the fella he is, feels he needs a bit of that. So our star of this tale Lionel Messi now the football equivalent of single, can start a new love with PSG surely?

Kylian is ready to leave the relationship but with the we will always be close friends method of breaking up.

Messi though, his love for Barca unbreakable, or so we thought , it’s been a long relationship between the two, but not always a loving one. Last year Leo wanted a divorce, but Barca, realising they could lose their dear love, made it near impossible and Lionel knew this, he backed down reluctantly.

Today though after what looked to be an agreement for an extension of the marriage, both decided to part amicably. A beautiful love story of loyalty, in a world of no loyalty. You deep down loved Barca when you were together. Lionel baby, you let your heart align to where you’re loved the most.

Barcelona couldn’t afford you but your football father Pep wants to see his son after so long, say hello to your dad and play ball with him Leo, will you do that for us?

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