Obviously now he’s become prime Jose

Football can be a place for the very fickle. When things are going well for a manager, fans and the media alike blow his success out of proportion.

For example, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta who early into his tenure seemed set for the sack is now getting the appreciation he deserves.

Rumours are circulating that former Barcelona midfielder Arteta is on the shortlist to replace Carlo Ancelotti. Don Carlo who has won another La Liga and another Champions League since re-joining Los Blancos is reportedly close to the sack.

It’s disrespectful, both Mikel being linked to Real and Carlo being close to the sack. The football world loves to build people up quickly and then brutally knock them down quicker.

How fickle. Last year the former AC Milan manager was rightly talked about as being among the top managers in world football. Reportedly Brazil had come calling and La Selecao wanted to hire the Italian as their new boss.

Now apparently he’s struggling, those rumours have appeared to have died down too.

To a point Erik Ten Haag, the Manchester United manager is the same as the example of the other two men. The Dutchmen who took charge of The Red Devils this summer has won a trophy for United, their first in six years.

Before that, after two crushing defeats, one to Brighton (2-1) and the other to Brentford (4-0), the former Ajax boss’ head was on the chopping block, if you were to take fans’ sentiment at face value.

Ten Haag, has proved in his short time at Old Trafford he’s a very steely character and even before the Carabao Cup win over Newcastle, many positive noises were coming out of Man United.

It’s almost laughable, how you can go from one extreme to the other. This is the same that can be said of our next example, Graham Potter. Chelsea’s head coach.

The calls to sack him and get him out by all means necessary were very vocal and disgraceful. To clarify here football fans, I, like 99% of other sensible fans weren’t in agreeance with the sacking of Thomas Tuchel at all.

With owner Todd Boehly appointing the former Brighton boss, then it was only fair for Potter to be given time. But these are football fans we are talking about. Yes, they are a massive part of the game, and they fund a big chunk of the industry, but some of their views can be toxic.

Ok fans, giving Potter abuse, makes sense they have some knowledge, but they haven’t played the game or been managers. But the pundits, the so-called football experts? That made me laugh in bewilderment.

So in that vein, when he kept losing, Graham Potter is a terrible manager, now though as he’s won three games in a row, he’s obviously the second coming of Jose Mourinho.

Sorry, what was that no, it doesn’t work like that? So why does it work like that for all the managers that I have listed when things weren’t going their way?

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