My two-cents; why England’s manager needs to be English

It’s a debate that’s hot on the lips of players, former players, sports writers pundits and sports presenters alike. We here at want to offer our two cents in the topic, the topic of does the manager of England need to be English?

The short answer is yes, but not for reasons that you might initially think. Here in England’s Premier League, it’s a well-known fact that no English manager has won the League title, they have been won by British and foreign managers only.

It was suggested by sports presenter Simon Jordan (someone who I respect), that England’s club sides develop the players and Gareth Southgate bloods them. Apologies, if I am mistaken for a caller making this point on the radio and Mr Jordan agreeing with the point.

Maybe a simplistic view here, but this England manager debate needs to be argued in parts. The standard football manager in England is English and is usually plying their trade in the lower league. It tends to be where they start from.

Out of those managers who no doubt aspire to be a manager of one of England’s top clubs, more times than not they have to look watch on disappointment.

Disappointment, since almost all the time, all these top jobs are going to managers who are not from this country. Now, please note I am not trying to open a race debate.

I am merely stating that these very same foreign managers come with big reputations. Messrs Mourinho, Tuchel, Conte, Klopp, Guardiola and Ancelotti (put some respect on his name) have managed in England.

To their credit, they have Justified it too, as half of the managers mentioned have won the Premier League title. So it can be argued, why can’t a foreign manager manage England?

They are winning the domestic title in this country and some of the managers we listed are currently overseeing the development of some talented England players.

They have been developed into serial winners. Phil Foden is one example and he’s blossoming under the tutelage of a foreign coach, Pep Guardiola who is seen as one of the elite coaches of world football. That’s with good reason too.

If someone like Pep Guardiola, were able to use their skills to manage the England team, what’s wrong with that, best man for the job though right? He’s won all that can be won in club football. Maybe he could transfer this to the international game. Pep’s name isn’t on the discussion table.

The name that is, is former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino. The former PSG boss, who did win silverware in France, did get the monkey off his back by winning the French equivalent of the FA Cup.

So the same argument can be applied? The 50-year-old can arguably help some of these England players reach their potential, as he did with Southampton and Tottenham.

With these two sides, he got them punching above their weight. The Saints have been flirting with relegation since he and Koeman left and Tottenham haven’t been in the Champions League until Antonio Conte was appointed.

Maybe Poch, can get this side to punch to a weight that’s as heavy as their talk. There is credibility to the foreign coach should have the right to manage England argument. I respect it, I do. The reason why I object to it though is this.

Currently, what’s happening in the Premier League, the top clubs are hiring all foreign managers, bar Chelsea and now Newcastle. It’s a bit disheartening that some managers give a life of service to the English game, but don’t get rewarded.

Messrs Howe and Potter looked to have booked the trend by being managers of Newcastle and Chelsea respectively. Not all managers have this chance to succeed at a higher level.

Personally, to a point, it’s disheartening. In theory, a manager works his way up to the top prize, to be a manager of an elite English club. In general, this doesn’t happen as owners go for proven managers who have managed abroad.

They haven’t been through the rigours of lower-league football. Some of the big managers, might not crack it I think. If foreign managers are hired for the national job, then I feel it’s the problem that’s happening in club football.

English managers work in club football traditionally, in an effort to earn their stripes and manage their country. It’s a little bit cruel if their effort doesn’t get rewarded don’t you think?

Admittedly the argument I have presented have flaws, but it has its merits too. I will let you think about it, and why not tell me which side you’re on?

The England manager should be English, or is nothing wrong with going for a foreign manager?

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