Qatar World Cup 2022, let’s hope it’s remembered for football

You might have forgotten, but today is the first day of the Qatar World Cup 2022 where the hosts Qatar will play Ecuador. Football’s biggest showpiece, which has had 21 additions so far, will see the 22nd edition in a little Middle Eastern country called Qatar.

Not very well known maybe, but this is the same Qatar that legends of the European game Xavi Hernandez and Jay-Jay Okocha went to. Its football team is ranked 50th in the world, which is not to be snuffed at. Football fans, this edition of the World Cup has been very political.

Chief Sports Writer, Ayyaz Malik, will be talking about the more than one month-long tournament, but with an attempt to make some sense of it in his own words. To sound something like Giani Infantino, the West can’t give morality lessons on ethics and values.

No one can. France for example, have been harsh with women who want to wear the headscarf in public. So much so that they have to pay hefty fines. Their body, their choice no? What about England’s football kits that have been made in sweatshops for mere peanuts and sold for greedy profits, Harry wear an armband on the other arm outlining that.

Sorry what’s that no, but one love right? You don’t love migrant workers who are putting their blood sweat and tears to make these kits? England and the other nine European countries, make it make sense! No one is denying one love here, as you call it. In all traditional societies, they don’t display affection in public.

That’s for homosexuals and heterosexuals. Qatar have their laws and customs as do England. Why is it so difficult to respect them? No one is getting killed, I don’t know how many times they can say this.

It’s simple, no one is taking away anyone’s rights. Football fans can drink, but not near the stadiums. This was something that the French authorities did for Euro 2016. People survived without a drink, didn’t they? They were able to socialise too no? Why such a fuss now? Hypocrisy at its finest.

The West is getting all high and mighty about migrant workers, have you forgotten about the chaos for when Brazil hosted the World Cup? It doesn’t fit the narrative there, does it?

Let it be known too the Seleção did host an excellent tournament, but they had issues similar to Qatar to get the preparation off the ground and build stadiums. If you want to raise issues with human rights and the environment of workers then think about World Cup 2014 too and mention this in the same conversation.

The main issue I have with Qatar 2022, is that we will be deprived of a lot of talent who are injured. Players such as Paul Pogba and Karim Benzema will be big misses for World Champions France.

Sports fans, the golden rule. Sports and politics in this spectrum, don’t mix! The Russian teams getting banned from the Champions League, for example, I don’t see that making Mr Putin wanting to skip breakfast out of fear of Western pressure.

Talking of the Eastern European’s Russia, didn’t the football world say something similar about them, only to find they’re actually accommodating in the 2018 World Cup? I think so.

Those who want to criticise Qatar, (who are not perfect, no nation is), think they have a leg to stand on, will 99% won’t. So before any of the Western media/journalists goes all gun blazing deciding that they all of a sudden care about human rights and LGBTQ rights in Qatar, then just stop and think.

Your country isn’t as squeaky clean as you want to think it is. Enjoy the football, and remember leave the politics to the politicians! Qatar and Ecuador play in the first game of the Qatar World Cup 2022, today at 16:00 GMT.

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