Why City have lost the transfer window

Hello, good afternoon sports fans, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Sports Buff. I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health. Guys and gals let’s talk about football and in particular Manchester City.

The common understanding is that Man City and Liverpool in this transfer window have done the best if not some of the best work in the summer transfer window. City signing Erling Haaland and Kalvin Phillips does support that argument, as well as the already agree deal for Julian Alvarez too.

Liverpool have done ok themselves too, signing highly-rated Scottish full-back (they like those) Calvin Ramsey from Aberdeen. One ca’t forget to mention the signing of Darwin Nunez who has the potential to be world class, but the sale of Sadio Mane is one I disagree, even now as well.

Mohammed Salah should have been the one to let go, Salah will leave next season anyway I feel. Teams that have done well in this window have been Leeds and Tottenham, but NOT Manchester City and here’s why.

The Citizens who won their fourth Premier League title in five seasons, I feel don’t have the best squad in the league. Pep Guardiola’s side have been ‘making do’ a bit at left-back.

Fernandino replacement has been signed and an Aguero one too, but now the sale of make shift left-back Alexander Zinchenko to Arsenal makes them weakened further in an already weak part of the pitch for The Blues.

There has been talks that Man City will sign Brighton’s Marc Cucurella, if this is true, a bit surprised he hasn’t signed yet, is that where Alvarez is going to play? Maybe we got it wrong.

In all seriousness, the sale of Raheem Sterling I feel is not a good decision. Yes, it was mutual and he wanted a new challenge, but the former Liverpool player and QPR trainee Sterling wasn’t used properly.

The man who took the 27-year old Sterling’s place (Jack Grealish) hasn’t been good enough and has been a waste of money too. Selling Raheem was bad and selling Gabriel Jesus might be worse.

Brazilian Jesus although not able to truly set the world on fire, did make several key contributions for City when called upon. The natural accusation will be, ‘O he’s salty’ a United fan who is jealous of City’s success, but players like Phil Neville and Nicky Butt for example were not regulars but were kept around as valuable squad players.

Let’s make no mistake about this, would love Man City to do well. So sports fans, this is my view but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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