School cricket explained

Good afternoon sports fans, it’s me The Sports Buff. I pray you’re well, looking after yourselves and are in good health! Having taken inspiration from my article of when I turned into prime Wasim Akram here : .

In that particular article I talk about the fond memories of back garden cricket. In this article, we talk about a brand of cricket which stems from the back garden cricket. School cricket, if you were in a school like man saw portable wickets used, or if you’re extra creative a wall would be used and the wicket would be drawn on to the wall using chalk.

Yes you’re reading that right. The chalk wickets, shall we call them, lead to a lot of arguments. Whether or whether not it hit the wicket would lead to arguments till the cows came home.

The hard duke ball? No no, tennis ball or a tap ball if you’re extra creative. Men round the bat and the unusual form of dead ball as kids would walk past or near your ‘wicket strip’ thus getting in the batsmen eyeline and in turn the batsmen getting distracted.

If the ball hit those chalk wickets, it’s out! But the batsmen would call ‘dead ball’. If the bowler would bowl and lose grip of the ball having seen people walk into the batsmen’s eyeline and then seeing that very batsmen launching him for a six, then obviously it’s a dead ball. The batsmen, would naturally see it different, of course.

O and the umpiring? What umpiring? Welcome to the world of no stumpings, run-outs with no third umpire and there isn’t no-balls. Beamers of course does get clamped down (when the batsmen screams at the bowler challenging and asking him what are you doing?).

I was referring to the front foot no-ball. There’s a coin toss, but as this ‘pitch’ never needed to be laid with heavy roller or a light one, the captain always batted first. Have a bat (as that’s fun) and don’t worry about it after that.

It’s been over 20 years since I have played school cricket, or play ground cricket, have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments.

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