When I turned into prime Wasim Akram

Hello and good afternoon, sports fans, fans of the intellectual game (cricket). It’s a case of cat and mouse, survival of the fittest and also of the mentally strongest. That’s the challenges of a professional cricket player.

The need to eat well, sleep well and train well is key to gaining an edge in performance. Another issue that needs to be mentioned, which many might not appreciate so much is the mental side.

Weeks and sometimes months away from families in an isolation bubble is arguably a bigger test than the match themselves. When I put it like this, I admire even more what the professional cricket player does to make it.

So, when I say I (in back garden cricket) bowl like prime Wasim Akram, this statement naturally needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. The batsmen I bowl to is my seven-year old nephew, who with the greatest respect to him has an average of 15, if that.

But I can only bowl to what batsmen is in front of me right? A tennis ball, is the makeshift kookaburra that we play with. No umpire (well it’s me and I am fair .. honest) and also no LBW’s in this format too.

It’s free hits when I feel like it and wide Yorkers I get to perfection 😆😉.

My yorkers and that movement I extract way from the right-hander deserves admiration, just how I make the ball dance. Why o why, didn’t we get this on camera???? To sound like Jay from The Inbetweeners, yeah I am going to say when it comes to batting I am like the king of swing.

Finding the boundary and ‘hitting over the rope’, has been no problem. Sorry dad for hitting your car! But at least I didn’t do a Matthew Horne all those years back and smash your car window!

Just like the great man (Wasim Akram) I too hit a double century. He of course smacked 250 against Zimbabwae all those year ago and me, 207 against my nephew who charmed with his cuteness to persuade me to retire on 207.

It was a sunny day, so let’s say it was a flat track and not a bowlers surface. Thank you ladies and gentleman, that’s the story of how I turned into prime Wasim Akram.

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